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What's included in the Starter Set

posted Mar 09, 2018 12:57:05 by ChrisFougere
With the move over to DTRPG I have the feeling I've lost some things. I ordered the Starter Bundle (Collector's Edition) and the Print and PDF Core Collection Warp 1. Both of them are now moved from the Modiphius Store.

I got my link to the DTRPG and the Adventure Collection - so I have the stuff that's been released so far, but no Collector's Edition. Lloyd sent me a copy of the Collector's Edition PDF but I think there's more in the Starter Bundle in terms of pdfs - Screen maybe? Crew Station sheets? Maybe I'm misremembering and the Starter Bundle is physical screen and map and station references. Unfortunately I can't check as the item isn't listed on the site any more.

Can anyone offer insight into what should be in that bundle in terms of pdf product?
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