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Roleplaying Mirror Universe Characters

posted Mar 07, 2018 20:33:05 by Paul_Ring
I'm working on a Mirror Universe story where the crew of the USS Armstrong will meet their alter-egos from the ISS Strongarm, who have been stranded in our universe.

But I'm unsure how to deal with roleplaying the Mirror Universe characters. I figure there are two options: playing the characters myself, or splitting up the crew and have half play their MU characters with a little prodding in the right direction from me.

The first option would be fun for me, but less so for my PCs. The second, though more complex, I expect would provide more fun for the whole group.

So my question is: how would you do it in your campaign?
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TonyPi said Mar 08, 2018 01:30:33
I’d probably do a version of Better Angels (Arc Dream Publishing).Have the players play their evil mirror version, because that’s fun, but let the player to the right play the good original versions (and their interpretation).
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jonrcrew said Mar 08, 2018 11:22:09
I love the MU shipname :)
JimJohnson said Mar 08, 2018 13:35:51
We did something similar in my group at one point. My co-GM was running and episode and wanted one of the PCs to be replaced by a Satarran assassin, so he pulled that player aside a few days before the episode and told him about it and got his buy-in on playing it. So he started playing the session like his normal character, and we had no idea until we got deeper into the episode and realized he was making some very non-typical actions. It was a fun time.

So, I'd likely do what TOS and DS9 did, and have some of the PCs be their normal selves caught up in the MU, and have some of the other PCs play their MU selves.
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Paul_Ring said Mar 09, 2018 14:53:12
@TonyPi: That's cool. I've never heard of that, but it sounds like fun.

@joncrew: Thanks. That was shear serendipity, but I love it too.

@JimJohnson: That's a neat idea with the assassin. I love the slow reveal. My story right now is turn the typical Mirror Universe episode on its head, with my crew chasing a rogue Federation vessel only to find it is their MU counterparts that have become trapped in our universe. Do they try to help them get back, or do they just destroy them? It should be an interesting adventure.
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