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When you increase acquisition time to decrease difficulty how much longer does it take?

posted Feb 22, 2018 17:25:52 by uthred
Is it just up the GM to randomly decide how long it takes if you kick it up from minutes to hour or days?
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janorichard said Feb 22, 2018 18:52:51
I think its probably just up to the GM. The only time you will most likely need to make a call on the exact time is if you bump up to weeks or months depending what might be going on in your campaign or setting.
darkdaysdawn said Feb 22, 2018 21:06:43
Agreed. I think this rule is designed to keep you from stopping at the corner store in the middle of a bank heist to pick up a TAG and a few Missile Launchers last minute. Can the heist wait a week? Yes, ok, then I'll spend some time trying to find that TAG. No? Ok, then we go in with what we've got!
admiraljcjf said Feb 23, 2018 02:34:45
There's a sidebar on pg 330 which explains:

"Each step along the following
track reduces the difficulty
of the acquisition test by one
step, to a minimum of Simple
(D0): Minutes—Hours—Days—
Weeks—Months. If the difficulty
is already Simple (D0), or has
already been reduced to Simple
(D0), then each additional step
adds 1 bonus Momentum to
the acquisition test."

So it's important to note that usually things arrive within minutes, waiting more than a day for something gives you -2 to Availability.
uthred said Feb 23, 2018 14:23:56
Yes, that sidebar explains what it does to difficulty. It doesnt explain *how* much longer you have to wait, which is the question the thread is about.
crashprone said Feb 23, 2018 20:47:52
Yeah like darkdaysdawn and janorichard said, just a GM call on the actual time. I guess you could set up a system to roll for it. My plan was generally to have cuts between different scenes like 'a few hours later' or '6 months later' etc. during which PCs can get an automatic reduction for acquisition tests by assuming they went shopping or made some calls to shady missile launcher dealers. Maybe they put down a deposit on said missile launcher and it was just delivered via spaceamazon.
admiraljcjf said Feb 27, 2018 21:23:49
Oh, right, sure.

It's always going to be up to the GM exactly how long it takes.

If you go by base, it could be as little as 60 seconds or as many as 59 minutes, up to as many as 11 months (if it's 12 months or more I'd say that's a year, so a different increment) if you want to step down the difficulty by -4.
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