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Correct attribute mods for Hassassin Fiday? (possible error in one of the books)

posted Feb 21, 2018 14:37:04 by janorichard

I posted a similar topic in the errata section earlier since there appears to be two different version of these mods depending on the book you have.

The attribute modifications appear to be different between the collectors edition PDF and the Core book PDF, print version and the Players Guide.

The Collectors edition lists the following mods for the Fiday;
Agi +1, Awe +2, Brw +1, Coo +2, Int +2, Per +3 and Wil -

The non-collectors edition PDF, print book and Players Guide list the following.
Agi +1, Awe +2, Brw +1, Coo +2, Int +1, Per -1 and Wil +1

What appears to be odd is that if the non-collerctors edition version is correct the Hassassin would be the only class to gets a negative ability score adjustment unless this was done to correct a balancing issue.

What are the correct and current ability mods for this Career?
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janorichard said Feb 27, 2018 06:17:43
Attribute mod for PER should be +2 instead of -1. Verified here;

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