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posted Feb 20, 2018 12:07:59 by LucasCunningham

todays Title is a not so Funny.

In one of my next episodes I will confront my Players with a Bioweapon.

Story: There are Subjects to the Klingon Emprie who are not Happy with their role as Subjects to a foreign Goverment.
Inspired by the Success of the Bajoran People in a Border Region to the Federation the Fight for Indipendence has gone firece, as my Players lately discovered.

Now my Players shall be (involuntarly) involved in the Plot to Kill a Klingon Gouverneur.

The Crew get into Contact with the Bioweapon but how it will work. My Idea so far is, that I give the Weapon a Number of CD, 2 to 4 for example and if a Character comes in Contact with the Weapon I roll the Dice (seacretly). If there are 5 Pionts, which will normaly cause a Wound or Injury, the Character gets infected. If the Weapon dont get the 5 Pionts but Effects, the Charakter will become a carrier.

A Character who is infected has Stress Days to get Medical Treatment or he/she will die.
A Character who is a carrier can Stress Days infect orther Characters an has to be treated or put into quarantine.

Any Ideas or Suggestions?
How difficult will you do the Treatment or more Specifically the invention of a Treatment?
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rrcautela007 said Feb 20, 2018 23:23:35
What happens to the player if a PC dies? What are his or her options?
LucasCunningham said Feb 21, 2018 08:26:45
As allway, boild a new PC. But I am shure no PC will die.
StephenBirks said Feb 21, 2018 08:42:09
What happens to the player if a PC dies? What are his or her options?

Immediately they can bring in a Supporting Character. After that it is down to the player and GM. Personally, depending on the rank and position of the dead character, I would have the ship report to a Starbase to take on replacement crew, which includes a new PC. If the dead PC is of a lower rank, the player could play a newly promoted character into that same position.
rrcautela007 said Feb 22, 2018 20:38:38
Illnesses are a touchy subject in rpgs - most players dislike having helpless PCs just stand there doing nothing but being sick. Thats why one doesnt see these kinds of situations in the milieu.

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TonyPi said Feb 22, 2018 21:58:35
Maybe look up "The Vengeance Factor" episode from TNG. Have the Klingon rebels collaborate with the Acamarians on a microvirus that is targeted towards a specific Klingon bloodline. Then it will not have an effect on the carriers.
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LucasCunningham said Feb 23, 2018 11:31:01
I will consider your Advice and report how the adwenture went this weekend.
LucasCunningham said Feb 25, 2018 20:48:54
Well, today I run my Game.
It's don't come as planned, the Players disabled the bioweapon before anyone could be infected, I have to Work on this part.

It is possible that early in April in Germany my friday STA-Game will be part of a TV-Show who were at the Convention and filmed us and did ask some question.
May be that I was a little bid too eagerly promoting the game... but who knows.
StephenBirks said Feb 26, 2018 08:55:55
It's don't come as planned

That's players for you.
LucasCunningham said Feb 26, 2018 09:19:00
Yeah, i know, I should not be surprised.
jonrcrew said Feb 26, 2018 10:20:04
"No plan survives contact with the enemy" ... or the players.

Better luck next time - but kudos for letting them break your plans and achieve it! I always find that's the hardest part of any game as a GM -and the most frustrating as a player, when the GM won't let you do it.

Good luck with the TV appearance :)
LucasCunningham said Feb 26, 2018 14:15:07
Better luck next time - but kudos for letting them break your plans and achieve it! I always find that's the hardest part of any game as a GM -and the most frustrating as a player, when the GM won't let you do it.

It was my fault in the beginning, building a Betazoid as Chief of Security. So they had an advantage and they used it.
I have had my fun too, seeing them nearly panicing while knowing what hapened in the next few seconds and strugling to stop it. Was way more better, that they succied in the first place than have to heal a lot of infected dignitaries and senior staff members.
And as a bonus, the Assasion injured the Chief of Security and the Chief Engineer in Hand-to-Hand Combat, before the Captain could stunn him with the Phaser.

Quote of the Player who was the Chief Engineer: "Crap, in TNG we Yellow-Guys are gonna die, and we both [she] stay with hin [the] beside the supposed bioweapon."
jonrcrew said Feb 26, 2018 15:30:51
It's weird how the engineers wind up in the most danger...

I had my chief engineer frantically trying to fix an overloading warp core in a wrecked starship last session, while the rest of the crew tried to evacuate the passengers. I swear the player was sweating under the pressure...
TomK said Feb 27, 2018 10:45:24
Bring back the Bioweapon in another episode. Use this one as foreshadowing and have the enemy make it even harder to disable, more dangerous, etc. next time the players encounter it, without any change to its appearance.

"Oh, this. Yeah, we dealt with this thing a while ago. Let's just unplug this..."
Siren sounds; computerised voice in Klingon "You have chosen the self-destruct option. Thank you, and long live the Empire!"
TobinQai said Feb 27, 2018 17:05:49
The PC Operations Manager in my group did the same thing, only when sealing the matter injectors, they would not respond, so he had to choose between letting that ship's NPC engineer crawl into an irradiated access compartment doing it himself. He chose the former. Ironically, he is a Vulcan (although this Vulcan survived.)
LucasCunningham said Feb 27, 2018 18:19:07
Bring back the Bioweapon in another episode.

Thats good advise, sadly I played the Episode with some random dudes on a Convention, so I think I will not see the composition again.
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