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Infinty Errsta

posted Feb 18, 2018 22:49:18 by SteveHanson
Please post any errors you may find here.
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To his friend a man
a friend shall prove,
To him and the friend of his friend;
But never a man
shall friendship make
With one of his foeman's friends.
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4 replies
janorichard said Feb 20, 2018 06:08:15
Attribute modifier for Hassassin Fiday should say +2 for PER not -1. Verified by Jonathan Killstring on google community at the bottom of this post;

[Last edited Feb 27, 2018 06:16:05]
HendrikNeumann said Feb 20, 2018 16:38:12
Difficulty modifier for self-treatment is +1 (not +2 as stated in the Self-Treatment talent of the Medicine skill). Source
uthred said Feb 22, 2018 02:15:03
pg. 207 has a paragraph about Wardrivers which looks like it should be on pg. 208. Also the thread title ;)
avatar said Mar 14, 2018 14:52:34
Page 359, le assault pistol is listed as Range Reach/Close, but is listed as Range Close/Medium in its description page 362 (which actually makes more sense).
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