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[Character generation] What is the reason behind unbalanced career attribute modifiers?

posted Feb 18, 2018 09:42:30 by HendrikNeumann
Hi, I noticed that most careers have attribute modifiers that sum to +10. But there are some exceptions, most notably the Hassassin Fiday career (p. 64) with attribute modifiers that sum to +7.

Considering how important attributes are, I am rather worried this makes some career choices unbalanced (or at least very unattractive to players, which means those careers will not see play and would better have been omitted). Is there anything I am missing?
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janorichard said Feb 18, 2018 15:12:57
Could be a combination things that balance it out. I am playing a Fiday right now and they are way over-powered even with getting less stats. You get great skill choices and the DT Sniper Rifle is ridiculous compared to some of the gear you get from other classes (The rifle averaging 10-14 damage per shot with forgetting damage re-rolls from Marksman, plus multiple targets hit with the Through and Through talent). I think in one of the previous beta pdfs the Fiday got better stats, something like another Int. and +3 Personality but this got changed in the final release.
HendrikNeumann said Feb 18, 2018 20:08:06
I can see the Sniper Rifle being very strong as a starting weapon. On the other hand, buying or otherwise aquiring better equipment would certainly be top priority for most (if not all of my players, so I don't think this advantage would last very long, while buying up attributes with xp certainly will take a much longer time.

What exactly made your Fiday overpowered compared to other PCs, besides the Sniper Rifle? The rifle is only really useful for taking out opponents, but there usually are many other challenges in my adventures.
janorichard said Feb 18, 2018 23:31:18
Well its a DT Sniper Rifle so most people wouldn't be able to start with a weapon like that since its forbidden under the Concilium Convention. What helped me out was that I got the class as my first choice paying a Life Point to roll on the faction table, then did 4 tours as a Fiday ending up with 15 in Stealth and 15 in in Ballistics. I would usually be able to exploit from stealth and end up rolling damage 1 + 9 Combat Dice with qualities that basically always do Viscious 3, ignores all Soak except for BTS and Toxic 1.

For other challenges it didn't hurt that I had 15 in Hacking, Rank 3 Fake ID and Climbing Plus (I had no Athletics or Acrobatics skill worth a damn but -2 difficulty on all Climbing checks rocks). In this game its not always just about your attributes but also your core/signature skills how many points you can put into them, other equipment you have and talents distribution. The Fiday class to me looks a lot more specialized at one or two things compared to a lot of the other classes and I think that's probably why they ended up reducing the number of ability points you get from the class.

janorichard said Feb 18, 2018 23:56:45
One more quick thing, Fiday is for sure more combat oriented than other careers that could make them worse at other things. They get access to every skill that can be used to do some sort of stress/harm effect, Persuade, CC, Ballistics and Hacking. I don't think very many other classes get all of these in one career. Great if the GM includes a lot of fighting, not so great if that's not the main focus of your games. At least you could still use thievery, stealth, persuade and hacking to get other stuff done.
uthred said Feb 19, 2018 04:32:58
Ignoring random events without Careers you get nine attribute increases. I don't think a variance of three points is going to make or break anything. Their stats may also be a typo as in the online character generator they get +2 Int, +3 Per, +0 Will instead of what they have in the core. Maybe a question for the errata thread? Even if they do get less stats they get a great selection of skills, setting them up for combat, stealth and social challenges and flat out the best starting combat gear. DT ammo requires a Difficulty 3 roll, costs 4+1N with a Tariff of 1 and can only be bought on the Black Market. A Grazeblade is flat out the most expensive Melee weapon, costing 6+4N with a Tariff of 3 and a Difficulty 4 roll. It's also easily one of the best melee weapons. A sniper rifle itself also doesnt come cheap at 6+3N, Tariff 2, Difficulty 2. It's going to take the other PC's a while to get gear at that level unless the GM is very generous.
HendrikNeumann said Feb 19, 2018 08:01:28
Thanks for your answers. I can see the Fiday being very powerful but highly specialized. I don't think the different attribute modifiers break the game, but it clearly is some sort of balancing decision, and just from reading the book it seemed an unnecessarily harsh one. Good to hear there is no problem in actual play!

I do wish the game would give some more explanations about its balancing mechanisms, though.
janorichard said Feb 20, 2018 05:56:32
Ok so, now I am really confused. I finally got access to the all PDF kickstarter stuff and looked at the Collectors Edition PDF from that and it does not match the stats for the Hassassin Fiday from the normal core book pdf I have...

The Collectors edition lists;
Agi +1, Awe +2, Brw +1, Coo +2, Int +2, Per +3 and Wil -

The normal PDF I have is (this one is dated 20170824)
Agi +1, Awe +2, Brw +1, Coo +2, Int +1, Per -1 and Wil +1

What PDF is correct?
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