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Suggestion for a character creation document

posted Feb 11, 2018 17:25:12 by keltic1701a
I don’t know if there is or will be one in the near future, but it might be a good idea to create a supplement and/or pdf devoted strictly to character creation. I found creating a character from the rulebook a bit cumbersome with having to flip back and forth to find the list of Focuses and Talents, especially if you’re doing it from the core book pdf and aren’t familiar with the game mechanics. I think a pdf solely focused on character creation that shows the steps as well as the Focus and Talents list easily available would be great for first time players and streamline the character creation process.
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PatricHenson said Feb 12, 2018 00:26:10
That would be nice. I made a rudimentary one myself, but an official one is always better!
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