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Sabre Class Thoughts?

posted Feb 11, 2018 16:21:55 by DanielGarcia
I apologize if this has been posted, I did a search and didnt see anything directly. Im trying to start to GM a new game but I felt a smaller ship should be easier for me to start with, seeing the NPC crew would be limited. Also, narrative wise I felt smaller ship would make it feel like a home, instead of the old Ent-D addage of a Hilton in space. Feel free to comment and help me build a better narrative value.

Systems Values

Total: 54 points total. 54 was selected because of the similar size of the Nova, scale 3 however due to the reduction in crew I chose 54 points vs the 55 assigned to the Nova.

Comm value: 8 Due to this design being generally used to participate in wolf packs along with Akira and Steamrunner class, it was designed to sacrifice comm ability over all, seeing that generally the ships communicating with were at a close range, and did not need as much power to burn through jamming signals.

Engines: 9 Engine power is on par with the Nova class, however being about 15% smaller in mass, the power output required to push this ship to a higher warp speed was smaller. Giving the ship a higher top warp then the Nova, with roughly the same engine output.

Structure: 9 Due to this ship specifically being designed as a frigate/light escort destroyer and used in previously mentioned wolf pack tactics, this ship has a higher structure rating then the slightly larger Nova which is primarily a medium range science/scout vessel however using her small size maneuverability it was felt that adding any more mass for reinforcement was counterproductive.

Computers: 9 The original intention of the Sabre was a replacement for the aging Oberth and Miranda class, when the model was originally designed it would receive an uprated computer suite, however when she was forced over to a more combat roll, it was decided to give her a computer core that was faster access but lower storage.

Sensors: 10 Sensors are the highest rated value on the Sabre class, Starfleet being a organization of exploration and research primarily, the sensors were not sacrificed for this frame. As stated, being the design to replace the Oberth and Miranda, they hoped that the Sabre class was returned to her primary role after the conflict was over. To keep from having to do major redesign, it was determined that the Sabre class would leave space dock with sensors far exceeding her design mates the Akira and Steamrunner.

Weapons:9 Even though Sabre class has somewhat limited weapons comparably to similar sized vessels, her sensor help with the accuracy and effectiveness of weapon deployment. Starfleet command decided that what few weapons they could fit on her efficiently, they wanted them to be quality application and precision.

Security: +1 Selected to reflect her forced build into a combat ship, however due to her limited weapons I could not justify this as a +2.

Science: +1 As the replacement for aging starfleet frames, her power sensors and high speed computer, make her an excellent science analysis vessel. But because of the down rated size of computer storage as well limited medical facilities being a smaller vessel could not justify a +2.

Conn: +1 This is to reflect her small agile size, not quite as small as the Defiant a +2 was not justified at this location. She is not the smallest vessel, she is not the fastest vessel, however her construction had specific notes to keep her mass low as possible, her profile thin, and her overall size footprint compact.

This is a direct copy and paste from my world building documents.

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PatricHenson said Feb 12, 2018 00:22:29
I think the Nova is at 55 more because it's a bitof a dud. It's a pretty ship, but it just didn't end up working out all that well. The Defiant class is smaller than the Nova, but has 58 or 59 points (if memory serves).
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JohnPatrickLee said Feb 13, 2018 01:45:34
Loves me some Saber class. I figure that it's mostly newly-promoted Lieutenant Commanders in command . . . guys who would rather be captain of a crew of 40 than beta shift helmsman on a Galaxy class. Great ship if you want to play a non-com / enlisted type, too. First Officer almost certainly doubles as a department head, although the "departments" aren't more than 10 guys.
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