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Conan the Pirate

posted Feb 09, 2018 14:03:41 by SonnyStjernström
I thought to tell you what I like about the piracy-book so far.
Chapter 1: Really good and I like how the archetypes have gotten "bonds". Some good new talent and Equipments.
Chapter 2 (GAZETTEER): Good and Informative, but I miss pirate maps and treasure maps that the players could find.
Chapter 3 (EVENTS): I like it short and consistent.
Chapter 4 (MYTH & MAGIC): Nice to see pirate cults and new spells.
Chapter 5 (ENCOUNTERS): Really really good with a new monster quality - immense (want to throw a kraken into every adventure now :D)
Give Red Ortho own stats, bad to browse another book - or take him out !!!
I think Captain Strom have to get better brawn and more special abilities !!!
The other chapters in the book are also well-designed and it's fun to be able to run a battle at sea now.
But I miss ships-stats on private pirate ships, such as Belit's ship and Strom's ship. I'm also not really satisfied with the role-form you made for the ships. That's why I've done a own ship sheet. I attach my pirate ships sheet, so anyone can use it - hope you like my shit :)!
PS I Think Conan the Pirate book can bee the best ;) !
2D20 SHIP.output

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Dislikes_Elves said Feb 09, 2018 21:57:10
Ooh, I didn't know that Pirate was already out...
SonnyStjernström said Feb 10, 2018 09:15:40
Those who back up get pdf files and can follow the process to the final phase of the book. So it has not yet come to the print shop yet, but it looks like it's going to print after the 18th. but it will be a long wait because the entire wave2 al of the 11 books will go through the same process. Wave 2 may be ready for summer or if we are unlucky to dec. But it is then nice to have pdf files to browse through :) :D :)
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