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Best way to introduce the setting?

posted Feb 06, 2018 09:00:41 by uthred
I'm a big fan of the setting, part of that has to do with the detail. But as I sit down to put together a campaign I'm realising that the settings uniqueness and depth makes it hard to come up with a good way to succinctly convey it to the players (there's a benefit to being able to describe a setting as "It's like BLAH" or "Its like BLAH with X"). So I'm wondering have other GM's/Players faced this issue and if so how did you handle it? Is there a good executive summary of the setting I could squeeze into five to ten minutes? (Actually along those lines, is there a complete year by year timeline?)
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admiraljcjf said Feb 12, 2018 20:43:33
There isn't a master timeline, yet.

But the introductory material in the Players Guide is good (and shorter than the more in-depth one provided in the main book).

I've been taking the sections from the book and "PDF printing" them for each player like this:

1: Life in the Human Sphere (pg 140-144)
2: Their "Faction" section
3: Their Home Planet section (where relevant and available)

You could also include the Chronology of the Human Sphere (pg 12-25), but I've mostly found that part can be done pretty easily with a summary conversation.

This gives each player the info they need for their character, without becoming too overwhelming (though that's pretty subjective).
uthred said Feb 17, 2018 13:11:42
Hadn't looked at the Players Guide yet, good to know its more succinct. I think I'll follow your suggestion and make "Info packets" for each PC. Might even go with pre-gens for a trial session to give them a feeling for things.
crashprone said Feb 20, 2018 21:27:53
For the people I introduced it to, I used a lot of other scifi universes to give them a feel for what it is. Fortunately right now on Netflix there's a series called Altered Carbon that hits a lot of the nails on the head in terms of cyberpunk, resurrection and cubes, etc.

Some other ones that work pretty well:
Ghost in the Shell
Blade Runner
Johnny Mnemonic
The Expanse
Minority Report

Also if you're looking for some shorter blurbs and stuff I'd take a look at the Infinity Miniature game site:
They have some pretty succinct descriptions of factions/setting/etc.
darkdaysdawn said Feb 22, 2018 20:38:08
Tell your players to watch the TV show "Altered Carbon". Their universe is very similar to Infinity's -- cubes, lhosts, weaponry, corporations, an O-12'ish group, etc. The show is pretty focused on the implications of cubes and lhosts, but it's the closest thing to "Infinity TV" that I've seen.

Another good intro to the universe would be the magna Corvus Belli released called "Outrage". It's not the best graphic novel I've read (not very deep, lots of cliches) but the story is fun and it has a few exciting twists that demonstrate what kinds of things can happen in the Infinity universe.

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