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Best way to introduce the setting?

posted Feb 06, 2018 09:00:41 by uthred
I'm a big fan of the setting, part of that has to do with the detail. But as I sit down to put together a campaign I'm realising that the settings uniqueness and depth makes it hard to come up with a good way to succinctly convey it to the players (there's a benefit to being able to describe a setting as "It's like BLAH" or "Its like BLAH with X"). So I'm wondering have other GM's/Players faced this issue and if so how did you handle it? Is there a good executive summary of the setting I could squeeze into five to ten minutes? (Actually along those lines, is there a complete year by year timeline?)
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admiraljcjf said Feb 12, 2018 20:43:33
There isn't a master timeline, yet.

But the introductory material in the Players Guide is good (and shorter than the more in-depth one provided in the main book).

I've been taking the sections from the book and "PDF printing" them for each player like this:

1: Life in the Human Sphere (pg 140-144)
2: Their "Faction" section
3: Their Home Planet section (where relevant and available)

You could also include the Chronology of the Human Sphere (pg 12-25), but I've mostly found that part can be done pretty easily with a summary conversation.

This gives each player the info they need for their character, without becoming too overwhelming (though that's pretty subjective).
uthred said Feb 17, 2018 13:11:42
Hadn't looked at the Players Guide yet, good to know its more succinct. I think I'll follow your suggestion and make "Info packets" for each PC. Might even go with pre-gens for a trial session to give them a feeling for things.
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