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Warrior Monks?

posted Feb 05, 2018 18:36:39 by Shran
I'm new to Conan and the Hyborian world, so please forgive my ignorance.
As far as I understand, the world is somewhat loosely modeled after some pseudo-historic nations, e.g. medieval China and India. I was just wondering if there are people like warrior monks, i.e. people that excel at unarmed combat and martial arts. Is there something in this world and if yes, are there rules in one of the rule books? Or is this something for which I would have to create my own talent tree?
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rrcautela007 said Feb 05, 2018 19:37:00

Per canon I'd say no such concept. The martial arts were pretty much unknown @ least in the US in REH's time.

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Dislikes_Elves said Feb 05, 2018 19:37:19
I can't think of anything in the rule set or fluff that fits your description (though that does not mean there's nothing in Howard's world or in the books). The rules treat unarmed attacks and improvised weapons as the same. Something I find fun (but it has yet to played out in my group) is that the stats of such improvised attacks can be changed/switched out on the fly (sometimes for a doom cost). Then there are a few talents that affect unarmed/improvised attacks. But I guess nothing as deep as you're looking for.
Shran said Feb 05, 2018 19:45:00
OK thanks for your replies. Since the far east is "mysterious", I guess there could be something like martial arts monks. In any case, seems that I would have to create my own talent tree to make unarmed attacks an alternative to two battle axes :)
rrcautela007 said Feb 05, 2018 19:57:34
Yep. To my knowledge, REH never described in any level of detail Khitai - only allusions.
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rrcautela007 said Feb 05, 2018 21:11:43
May I suggest checking out Hoffman's "chinese" fantasy tales for a suppossed take on Khitai? Also, I could be wrong, but I believe REH wrote a bit of "orientalism", just not in the Conan saga.
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Shran said Feb 07, 2018 16:51:46
Thanks for the tip, I might check this out.
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