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Mutant Chronicles Living Campaign - Questions and Problems

posted Feb 03, 2018 21:41:31 by schielhau
Recently the first part of the Mutant Chronicles Living Campaign was made available for download.

In this package there are 4 pregenerated player characters included.
Those pregens look like they were made for the BETA test version, their game stats are not really up to the final state of the MC3 corerules.

The Living Campaign is set between 46 YC and the Dark Symmetry campaign. At that time there were no "Seven Sages" split off from the Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood had not at all their later directory structure, so no Inquisitors and no advanced spells of the Art of Light. This is presented in detail in the Brotherhood sourcebook and the Mishima sourcebook.
The background introduction for at least two of the pregens does not fit at all to the Living Campaign - by about 700 years or so.

Is there an update with actually fitting pregens planned, as those included do not fit to the campaign setup?
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