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Guys, I need you to hurry up with that Command Division Sourcebook

posted Feb 01, 2018 01:26:16 by JohnPatrickLee
OK? Just bang it out, put it on the drivethrurpg, and I'll buy it. Thank you.
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JimJohnson said Feb 01, 2018 03:03:51
Lead time for products means it's done, man. Final approvals and production take time we can't control. :)

(MirrorUJim with goatee) But ooooooooh, it's gorgeous! (/MirrorUJim with goatee)
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LesterGash said Feb 01, 2018 09:00:04
Is the plan to release the pdf upon pre-order or some time later? (cannot wait to get those rules for those space frames!)
LucasCunningham said Feb 01, 2018 09:22:18
Well, it seems I am not so only junke.
It's like sitting on hot coal, since the Anouncement in December.
JohnPatrickLee said Feb 01, 2018 10:50:11
Dammit, Jim . . . I approve it. It is approved. Make it so.
JohnPatrickLee said Feb 01, 2018 15:14:31
Because I'm running a yeoman campaign, son. Manage duty rosters, get signatures on PADDS, and occasionally go on Away Missions and fight to survive. And period-appropriate sexual harassment.
PaulNewland said Feb 01, 2018 18:10:09
Sign me up. Nothing more satisfying than succeeding on a making coffee during a crisis roll, with added threat making it with a phaser next to the warp core. Go Janice!
david.jw.gibson said Feb 01, 2018 21:25:20
I dunno. I'm enjoying making Spaceframes and Species for the Continuing Mission website. The longer ya'll take, the more I get to make and the more people use my designs. ;)
PatricHenson said Feb 02, 2018 00:17:20
You could always focus on making things that aren't part of the license that Modiphius has. That way you'd be contributing things that aren't going to be made sometime down the road.
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jonrcrew said Feb 02, 2018 11:08:18
So, someone remind me, please?

The Command sourcebook brings new spaceframes, but it's the Operations book that has full spaceframe creation rules? Or was I daydreaming that one? :)

Will either have new ship talents and the like? I've spotted one missing option, although it's easy to add - landing or atmosphere capable.

I ask as I'm converting a whole load of homegrown Coda vessels for the 2280s...

(And I know, and have been using, the excellent homebrewed system put together here a few months ago, before anyone mentions it! But I'm looking for the official system dammit!)
TomK said Feb 03, 2018 08:23:36
I'm looking forward to the book too. Can't wait. But @joncrew, if you could focus on 2160s spaceframes, that would be lovely...
jonrcrew said Feb 03, 2018 09:24:58
A little early for my current interests at present, I'm afraid, but Continuing Missions has done the Intrepid, the Ganges (Warp Delta) and the Daedalus...
david.jw.gibson said Feb 04, 2018 17:45:27

I'm not sure what's excluded in the Licence apart from Discovery, which is pretty limited in terms of new content. There's a few new classes of ship and some species, but not a lot of information to really flesh those out.
SteveHanson said Feb 04, 2018 19:57:25
The Kelvin verse is also not in the license.
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StephenBirks said Feb 05, 2018 13:00:24

Have you considered expanding into non-starfleet ships. i.e. more NPC ships. Also the Delta Quadrant book isn't slated til next year, so there is the whole of Voyager to draw on there.
PatricHenson said Feb 05, 2018 16:53:34
I was thinking of Discovery, the Kelvin universe, maybe some Kzinti stuff since that would require additional licensing, also there's some FASA favorites that could be converted, and other non-canon ships that are popular (such as the Aventine).
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