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Star Trek Roll 20

posted Jan 30, 2018 15:30:00 by SteveHanson
The online roleplay gaming platform Roll20 now supports Star Trek Adventures, so you can play online with your group using official game materials on their virtual tabletop!

The official Star Trek Adventures character sheets come in two color schemes.

Choose between two themes that emulate the LCARS consoles as seen on The Next Generation with the dark theme, or go bright with the sleek white theme.
Track and jump between your Starship Personnel File and Starship Registry Entry.
Tasks rolls are made simple: to roll a task, click on the Attribute and Discipline you will be using, set any additional conditions such as Focus used, Complication range, and the number of d20s you wish to roll, then click the button next to Task roll.
For Challenge Dice you can input the number of dice you wish to roll, and the template will display a 1 for a single hit, 2 for two hits, nothing in the case of a 3 or 4, and a chevron for a 5 & 6.
Stress & Shields are auto calculated when Fitness + Security or Structure + Security are changed.
Personnel & starship weapons will automatically add Security to the number you enter into the input.

The Next Generation: Starfleet Tile Set is also available to purchase for your Roll20 Art Library.
Quickly pull any of the 32 STA tiles into any of your Roll20 games.
Snap to the grid and keep at default recommended sizes, or resize to whatever configuration you'd like.
Available in your Roll20 Art Library, and for quick download and manipulation offline.
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PatricHenson said Jan 31, 2018 04:34:28
I've never used roll d20 before. Do they have voice chat and do you have to pay monthly or anything?

Also, are other roll d20 maps compatible? Is it possible to define zones easily on there even when the maps are set up in a grid?
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StephenBirks said Jan 31, 2018 08:55:49
Roll20 (Not Roll d20) is free to use for all. The limitations of this is that you only have 100mb for art assets and you do not get access to some advanced features such as dynamic lighting (which I doubt will ever be anything more than niche for a STA game anyway). There are paid for subscriptions that gives you access to these features and increases your storage limit.

They do have integrated voice and video chat but to be honest, I have found that to be buggy as hell so we use discord. as always though YMMV. You can also draw directly onto the map.

FYI you do not have to pay for the tiles at all on Roll20. You can upload your own, and the system will even automatically rip them from the PDF, though only 1 page at a time. Items that you do pay for do not count against your art limit.

You can use any image as a map, the system just overlays a grid on top of it (though that can also be disabled). To define zones you can simply use the built in drawing tools to draw directly onto the map.

My advice, create an account and just go play around
rrcautela007 said Jan 31, 2018 14:36:44
This is awful good!

StephenBirks said Jan 31, 2018 15:18:24
I like Roll20 but haven't used it much as I was using Fantasy Grounds for a D&D game. Whilst I prefer FG as it has a vast amount of automation, it currently doesn't have STA support so I decided to use Roll20 for my game.

I ran it last night and it worked well. I had wondered how I was going to run NPC ships and their crews and settled on creating 4 crew skill level character sheets and had all the stats at the skill level e.g. the Proficient Crew had 9 in all attributes and 2 in all disciplines.

PaulNewland said Jan 31, 2018 18:34:27
We've used Skype for Dungeons and Dragons and it works OK bar the odd person dropping out every now and then. Dynamic lighting is hard to rate as a DM as you can see everything. You can insert walls into maps too so that only DM can move tokens about freely. Cheaters gon' cheat though 😋

I'd love to play a star trek / Aliens crossover game.
StephenBirks said Jan 31, 2018 18:46:20
star trek / Aliens crossover game.

Klingon Xenomorph. I think I may just space myself.

Yeah we tried using skype and had too many issues with people dropping. We went to Google Hangouts and the drop rate was less, but still present. We went to Discord and have had no issues. No video though which is irritating as I feel that is very relevant to a STA game.
david.jw.gibson said Feb 01, 2018 00:48:47
I play on Roll20 and we opted not to switch. He thinks the fan made sheet handles rolls better, especially with CD and focuses. But he likes how you can tweak the complication range.
EghealbabockLeRouge said Feb 22, 2018 20:26:29
Do you plan to implement Star trek adventures into fantasy grounds ? I'm not a roll20 player or GM
but i will certainly buy it on FG.
StephenBirks said Feb 23, 2018 08:33:50
I asked the same question on Reddit when this was first released. Nathan said that as far as he knew it was in the works.
TobinQai said Feb 24, 2018 00:08:33
I would love to see a video of how this works. I've managed to get a campaign going on Roll20, but we are working from paper sheets, although I also linked the unofficial sheet to a token and edited it for tracking momentum and threat.

Are there any plans for a TOS-themed version of the official sheets? That's the era our current campaign is in, so it would be nice to not have the anachronistic LCARS theme.

Can form-fillable pdfs be uploaded to Roll20 as a character sheet?
SimonBrodie said Feb 28, 2018 16:30:17
Fellow adventurers,

My crew of misfits are using the Star Trek Adventures (official) character sheet on Roll20 for this, and we have some feedback about it:

1 - We love it, thank you SO much to those involved in creating it.
2 - The Arc Milestones box does not appear to be connected to an attribute, so there does not appear to be a way to track arc milestones.
3 - The sheet has Environment and Upbringing but not Academy Track or Career Events. We feel these (especially the latter) is fundamentally important to the character and it's frustrating having to keep a separate charsheet elsewhere just to track these additional elements. Yes we appreciate that this information COULD go in the notes section, but that feels like we are trivialising something that should be driving the character's values etc.
4 - Could we perhaps have more 'screen' width for the talents area to write in more detailed notes?
5 - How about more colour options? The dark background is easier on the eyes, but the choice of purple and maroon text combined with the font used does not always make it easy to read.

Thanks for reading...

PatricHenson said Feb 28, 2018 17:45:13
Is Roll20 useful for tabletop play, or is it mostly just for online play?
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—Varek of Sulkin'
StephenBirks said Mar 01, 2018 11:54:48
Roll20 can be used as a gaming aid. You could generate all your NPC characters and Ships and any images you wish to show the players. How useful it is in relation to just completing form fillable PDFs is down to personal preference. You can also build all the rollable tables into it which saves some time going through the book. there is also a jukebox feature to collate some sound effects and background music, again usefulness is down to opinion.

I have seen people use it during tabletop play in conjunction with TVs and projectors which show the player side of things while the GM uses their side on a laptop.

My advise; Create an account and have a play around. The product is entirely free to use, payment only comes in to advanced features that you will not need, and asset storage capacity that will only come up if you use a lot of images.
thebalzan said Mar 04, 2018 00:37:47
Are there any plans to add the database ala 5E? Heck even if it's paid for.
Furthermore could in an update to the character sheet make it so that each talent and trait can have a title and then an expanded window. So we can just have names but open them and see what they are from the sheet?
PirateGent said May 17, 2018 15:08:46
THEBALZAN - agreed - I'd pay extra for a STA Database in Roll20. (I've been creating handouts and linking them to recreate at least the quickstart rules so they are handy for the players)

Would also love to know if there are any plans for NPC/Support characters and/or modules available in the future for Roll20 (my players are loving that service due to work and family time restraints)
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