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Asset debt

posted Jan 30, 2018 14:52:14 by lokisrun
Hello friends,

I received my books at the start of the month and I'm prepping to run my first game, but I had a question regarding debts gained during character creation, what exactly do they do? The rulebook states that any debts gained during character creation cannot be offset with assets gained during character creation, so it makes me wonder what the mechanical effect of debts actually is, if a character starts the game with a 10 asset debt to a family member for example, what is the consequence if they don't pay it off, if the consequence is being disowned, what would happen if they are already disowned etc. The book doesn't seem to be very clear about what debts actually do in game, any insight would be appreciated.


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SteveHanson said Jan 31, 2018 17:07:41
To a large extent these are roleplaying opportunities. If there is an asset component then this needs to be paid during play. As GM you make the call as to how hard that makes life.
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