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Release Schedule?

posted Jan 26, 2018 22:12:07 by obsidian3d
So far we've had the core book and "These are the Voyages Vol 1," plus the first four sets of minis, GM screen etc. According to the PDF bundle contents list, we're still waiting for a lot more material:

- Command Division Supplement
- Beta Quadrant Sourcebook
- Operations Division Supplement
- Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook
- Sciences Division Supplement
- Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook
- Delta Quadrant Sourcebook

I realize there is writing and art to be done, editing and layout, not to mention approval from CBS. That all said however, I was hoping that the Modiphius folks might be able to at least give us some rough guesses as to what's coming out and when. I'd be happy with something loose even, like "the Command Division Supplement
and Beta Quadrant Sourcebooks should be coming end of Q1. Book ___ in Q2."

Is this something that could be shared with us? (I'd also love to know when the Borg minis will be ready to order... :D)
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PatricHenson said Jan 26, 2018 22:58:16
From what I understand, the command book is supposed to be released during the first quarter and the beta quadrant source book in the second quarter.

See this:
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JimJohnson said Jan 28, 2018 01:37:41
Are y'all not on the Modiphius email blast? Sign-up button is on the site

This was in the recent email about the TOS and TNG character sheets:

Coming Soon
We're busy preparing for our 2018 releases! The Command Division supplemental rulebook offers new character options and Talents, starships to command and pilot, and new NPCs and Supporting Characters. The Beta Quadrant sourcebook contains a ton of information on the home quadrant of the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire, as well as the Federation and its homeworlds in that area of space. It also contains new playable species options, including Klingons, and other fan favorites. Both of these books, as well as new miniatures and tile sets, will be available to pre-order in a couple of months! And many more releases will follow... just keep hailing frequencies open!

All the stuff from that massive list in the back of the core book is either available now, prepping to come out, in approvals with CBS, or in the works. Plus stuff not even on the list. :) Stay tuned.
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PatricHenson said Jan 29, 2018 03:26:31
That's where I read that! I was thinking it was in the forums.
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LucasCunningham said Jan 30, 2018 21:55:14
During the preorder for the Core Rulebook there was anounced, that there will be a bonus adventure for every 500 preorders of the Core Rule Book.
What happened to that?
JimJohnson said Jan 31, 2018 05:14:00
They're working their way through layouts and approvals.
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TimKellogg said Apr 02, 2018 17:47:27
Last I knew Command Division and Beta Quad books were set to release in April - any idea what specific date? Steve Hanson, I know your lurking out there somewhere!
PicardX said Apr 02, 2018 18:35:19
Pages for the books say "THIS IS A PRE-ORDER FOR FULFILMENT IN MAY 2018"
SteveHanson said Apr 03, 2018 02:17:07
preorders from the online store will be May. The actual date is yet to be determined.
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