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Question about buying gear while character generation

posted Jan 25, 2018 00:25:33 by MarcMacholz
Hi there,
Me and my friends are wondering about how to acquire additional gear at step 9 of character Generation.
Do I get gear for assets 1:1?
Or must I use the assets to gain cashflow (like in the later game)?
Didnt find any answer in the pdf, we bought the core rulebook.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Jan 25, 2018 10:30:02
Right, I had an answer for this when I was asked about it on facebook... let's see if I can find it, so I can copy it here.

Ah, here it is:

For pre-game acquisitions, my inclination is for the GM to set aside a particular amount of game time as "pre-campaign prep time", during which characters may attempt to acquire any extra items they want - this might be a few days, a week, or a month, at the GM's discretion.

Heat generated, Cashflow lost, and Shortfalls suffered during this time carry over into the first session.

This has the advantage of not requiring an entirely separate set of acquisitions rules purely for character creation.

Alternately, you can try something a little more stratified with no rolling - though this is entirely off the top of my head:

A character may choose any number of items (or a finite number, set by the GM) to acquire pre-game. Each item costs a number of Assets based on the following factors - 1 per Restriction rating (so, Restriction 2 = 2 Assets), 1 if the Cost exceeds Earnings, and 1 per Shortfall the acquisition's Cost would inflict (use an average of the Cost here, rounded to the nearest whole number: each combat die is 0.5, a die with Tariff 1 is 0.667 per die, a die with Tariff 2 is 0.833, a die with Tariff 3 is 1, so an item with a Cost of 2+4 dice, Tariff 1 is 4.667, rounded to 5).

Hopefully, one of those two methods will be helpful.
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admiraljcjf said Feb 12, 2018 20:18:26
I just want to say thanks again for this answer.

It's great just to have a confirmation that this is something that needs detailing (is there any plan to drop something resembling these rules into one of the books later?). But either of these systems can work well.

For my own campaign we used option 1, and it produced characters with a good amount of equipment. Option 2 seems to produce characters who are a little "light" on equipment, unless you get VERY lucky with number of Assets earned during character creation and then burn through them like wildfire.

So, in short, unless you are very short of time, I recommend the first option (basically spending a "session" buying stuff before the first game).
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