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questions for the community

posted Jan 20, 2018 18:12:29 by MichaelD

I have been lurking here for a bit, eagerly waiting to get my hands on the game. I recently started blogging and my next l post is going to be about what games your should pre-order.

Specifically, I'm curious on your opinions on Warfare vs. Star Wars Legion. Will you play both, only one or the other?
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TechnoGolem said Jan 21, 2018 01:05:00
I already own a lot of miniatures for the Star Wars Miniature game, X-Wing, and Imperial Assault. Due to this, my interest was extremely low in Star Wars Legion swhen it was announced. It didn't seem to bring anything new to the table. Watching The Last Jedi killed my interest in anything Star Wars related.

Fallout has been a favorite video game series since the original PC game. If it was nothing more than a typical player vs player game I wouldn't be interested in it. High price, needing to assemble most figures, and lack of paint are all things that kill my interest in miniatures games. But Fallout does offer a single player option which I love. Lost count of how many games I've purchased over the years that collect dust simply because no one else wants to play them. I'm also intrigued to see what the settlement system will be like. I'm not 100% sold on Fallout yet but my interest is very high.
MichaelD said Jan 21, 2018 01:26:48
Thank you for responding to my question! I have a similar question going on in the X wing forum on Reddit. I have a feeling hardcore wargammers that are star wars fans will jump into Legion. I get the sense that casual players, are intimidated by painting and are planning to stick with X-Wing as legion doesn't add anything new.

I watched some youtubess on Legion And I think it's going to have balance issues; Luke reflects blaster back at troops and kills them. I love Star Wars but I think the story kind of ties your hand, Luke has to be excellent, storm troops got to be weak, etc

What I'm hoping for Wasteland is it's not going to have the META issues that FFG games are know for. I think Both have pros and cons, I'm hoping to finish my article tomorrow so stayed tuned for who will win out.
verdunbishop said Jan 21, 2018 16:08:34
Warfare all the way. Not a huge Star Wars fan.

Note they have just posted box art on FB.
JamesMonson said Jan 22, 2018 16:12:39
I have preordered both, though I think Fallout will take most of my time. Fallout has more to offer out of the box and as such will have more appeal. I think the success of legion will largely depend on your local area and whether or not many people buy in. Fallout is less dependent upon that as it has a built in solo/coop mode.
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