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Fallout RPG

posted Jan 20, 2018 06:46:46 by Nyogtha
The Fallout Wasteland minis game looks really good, but I am more of a RP gamer than War-gamer. I wanted to know if Modiphius is interested in making a Fallout RP game using their D20 system and if that was it all likely with whatever the licensing arrangements are? Anyone from Modiphius allowed to comment on this?

Cheers :D
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SteveHanson said Jan 20, 2018 20:48:49
Unfortunately, we don't have the rights to make an RPG however it would be very easy to play and rpg with the wargame rules since every unit/character card has SPECIAL stats and the rules pretty much cover most things in an RPG :-) A few house rules and you're done!
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