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Suggestions for complications

posted Jan 15, 2018 12:05:21 by Dislikes_Elves
Hello all!

After DMing some adventures I realize that I'm in need for some simple ideas when the PCs roll a simple complication (one d20) on a test, especially in combat. It gets old having the PC drop his weapon as does adding 2 to doom (though that can be essential).

So far I used (in combat), partly inspired by the rule books (besides the obvious take 2 doom):

- PC drops weapon or shield or bowstring snaps
- a next test is increased in difficulty by one (sprained ankle: next athletics or acrobatics check or maybe unfavourable thrust so that the next parry check is more difficult)
- PC drops prone (only interesting if there are enemies able to exploit this)
- one Level of despair or fatigue
- PC falls into water (when on a boat) or something similar
- Complication range increases for the scene to 19-20

I almost never use dealing 2 [CD] of damage as that almost never yields any results. And I haven't yet brought in reinforcements because of doom. Didn't seem fitting.

Any other suggestions (in and outside of combat)? Thanks in advance.
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rrcautela007 said Jan 15, 2018 17:35:44

I think you have nailed most of the "generic" uses, kwls!

I oftentimes dont complicate myself with complications and just snatch up the doom points instead, which I usually find myself running low on.
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Dislikes_Elves said Jan 16, 2018 06:34:26
Thanks. Sometimes I feel like I have enough Doom.
rrcautela007 said Jan 18, 2018 15:03:00

What are your thoughts on a single roll complication like "drops Guard"? Too harsh?
Dislikes_Elves said Jan 18, 2018 22:08:26
Not at all. I'll add it to my list. We often forget about reach differences and guard during play, through.
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rrcautela007 said Feb 02, 2018 15:00:59
Even if you dont use em personally, could still be nice to add the last 2 uses to the list of main complication options.
rrcautela007 said Feb 02, 2018 15:03:41
Another idea: a turn of the phrase upsets the listener, and it becomes more difficult to influence (persuasion, counsel, social rolls) him or her.
Dislikes_Elves said Feb 04, 2018 08:40:25
There was never an non-combat interaction between my PCs and an NPC where they cared about the outcome. But in theory it's a good One.
rrcautela007 said Feb 04, 2018 19:23:22
So, they never did bother to raise a reb in The Red Pit (didnt you state you already played that one)?
Dislikes_Elves said Feb 04, 2018 23:12:26
Nope, they didn't.
rrcautela007 said Feb 04, 2018 23:16:57
That was an uphill battle, literally!
Dislikes_Elves said Feb 05, 2018 10:27:26

I really thought that the Red Pit would be hard for my PCs, having lost their gear and especially having no armor but in the end, they got through pretty easily. "Mighty A'Ghamma" was pretty disappointing (as have been most BBEG).
rrcautela007 said Feb 05, 2018 19:08:51
But you say your players pretty much are munchkins, right?
Dislikes_Elves said Feb 05, 2018 19:13:49
Munchkin is maybe a strong word but the majority is very well built.
Shran said Feb 05, 2018 19:42:30
I'm playing Star Trek Adventures, but its basically the same thing. When no Complication comes to mind, I usually accumulate Doom (a.k.a. Threat in STA).

As for Complications, I use it mostly to change the properties or a scene. Maybe someone fires a phaser into a wall and hits a plasma conduit, which basically sets a zone aflame. Or some rubble falls from the ceiling, making a zone unaccessible. This is great for splitting up party.
In summary:
* Upgrade NPCs
* Create Hazards
* Split up PC party

While not a Complication, here are some other uses of Doom I like:
* When rolling for NPCs, I almost always buy an additional die because it is such a good investment.
* In STA, you can spend Doom to "upgrade" standard NPCs by equipping better weapons an armor. Not sure if it works similar here.
Dislikes_Elves said Feb 05, 2018 21:40:56
Thanks. I only played ST once (and liked it very much) but while the basics are the same, the powerlevels are quite different. I know that in ST complications rather influence the whole scene and not only a singular character. While it is possible to add a condition to a scene in Conan, I never used it to change the scene (environmental effect). I guess it's because due to the lower tech level, there's less to warrant a sudden change. But maybe I should think more about it. I'll re-read the section about environmental effects...
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