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Game modes

posted Jan 13, 2018 02:14:02 by JamesMonson
Since its been a bit slow, witch game mode are you most looking forward to?

Personally I am looking forward to the Narrative mode the most. The people I play with the most enjoy mostly Co-Op though every now and then they like some PvP battles. I Like the story aspect of Narrative mode and I think that it fits in with the Fallout universe perfectly.
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verdunbishop said Jan 14, 2018 16:11:40
Single player, although my local gaming store has announced the pre-order so might see about co-op matches there.
TechnoGolem said Jan 20, 2018 02:09:54
I'm also in the single player camp. Weren't we supposed to get some kind of development blog about it a month ago? I think it has been a little over two months now since I've seen any news about the game.

My love of Fallout has kept me on the fence about this game since it was announced. Unpainted miniatures, some assembly required, and the high costs would have driven me away form the game in an instant if it wasn't Fallout. As more time passes without any news I find myself seriously considering using the money I've set aside for this game for Gloomhaven instead.

It doesn't encourage me to see so few people talking about this game. Seeing such low hype for the game makes me wonder if it will end up being dead on arrival. At least it has a solo option so I could still get more use out of it than other games that ended up like that.
KimmoP said Jan 20, 2018 09:04:26
I like them all but narrative is the most interesting.

Also I agree with Keith. Would be nice to see more stuff in mean time when we wait the release day. It don't have to be news but something in every week, like painted minis and stuff. Sadly most of hype happens in sosial media and badly working forum what is down at least once a week won't help a lot.

Perhaps I can help the hype with my Pulowski preservation shelter I made a few days ago :)
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