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Non-Canon Supplement? (Warlord of Mars Supplement)

posted Jan 10, 2018 17:56:00 by EricHolland
So I am going to be straight forward about this, my name is Eric, I am the primary administrator at the John Carter of Mars wiki ( I havent been much active recently, but I was wondering what you guys would think of a non-canon supplemental? I do not know if you guys would include it as a stretch goal, or as an add-on.

The basic idea is this, a supplemental to include creatures, locations, characters, weapons, and whatever else, from non-canon yet officially licensed barsoomian products. It would include things from the Dynamite comics, the John Carter film, The marvel Warlord of Mars comics, the John Coleman Burroughs comics, John Carter and the Giant of Mars (authorship seems to be JCB with ERB possibly editing it), Weird Worlds.

If you guys dont do it, someone else will... Probably me, I love tabletop RPGs and I love non-canonical material, and I love homebrewing from time to time. But I think you guys should do it as you are the ones creating this material in the first place.

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ChrisBirch said Jan 11, 2018 20:46:25
Hi that's a good question Eric, I'm sounding out the estate to see what the options are so watch this space :-)
EricHolland said Jan 12, 2018 17:58:34
Even if the options were limited to the John Coleman Burroughs stuff, that would still be his "The Funnies" comics, the Sunday Strips he drew, and John Carter and the Giant of Mars... which, as someone who wrote practically every page of that wiki, and read all of that material to do so (including assisting in finding some of the lost comics from The Funnies magazines)... Is actually quite a bit of information.

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