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Storage options for bundle.

posted Jan 04, 2018 18:17:26 by CameronCampbell
Hi All
Just been gifted the core game and three expansion bundle. Has anyone come up with an elegant solution to the 'We've designed a great game but wanted to package it attractively to take up the most amount of room on your shelf' issue. I was amazed to find out that the nicely printed expansion boxes don't neatly store in the generously proportioned box that loosely holds the base game components.
Has anyone come up with an insert or similar that would fit everything in the core box which is one up from just decanting contents. Sadly, probably, means cutting up the expansion boxes to make them into wall art or recycle fodder.
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SteveHanson said Jan 05, 2018 15:06:45
I'm using little plastic boxes I got at ealmart to hold the components. I also yook the box tops from the expansions, put black taoe around the edges and hung them from nails on the wall. They look pretty good.
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