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Which model are you most looking forward to?

posted Dec 31, 2017 23:33:17 by verdunbishop
Place seems quiet so figured might as well try again to bring something to it, out of FO 1, 2, 3 and 4 what do you look forward to seeing made for the game?

Think my top 3 are: Geckos, Mirelurks and military scenery (such as the barricades in 4)
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JamesMonson said Jan 01, 2018 21:05:06
I would like to see more wasteland creatures like Brahmin, mole rats, Rad Stags and such. I would also like to have more settlement terrain pieces, especially with the campaign mode. Also some more buildings like the Red Rocket.
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verdunbishop said Jan 01, 2018 21:21:45
I do wonder if we will see multi editions of some things such as mole rats. They look different in each game.
JamesMonson said Jan 01, 2018 22:51:50
I think we will probably get the Fallout 3 or 4 versions.
Qrow said Jan 02, 2018 07:34:00
A Nick Valentine model would be an instant buy for me. An Antagonizer vs Mechanist expansion would be pretty fun too
KimmoP said Jan 02, 2018 10:20:16
It's so hard to pick only one. I like almost everything. But I like geckos a lot. Gecko in Fallout is like beholder in D&D or Deep one in Call of cthulhu. But they are in FO1, 2 and NV so we have to wait. So before we get geckos I would like to get brahmins. Caravan and common brahmis. Caravan guards and trader character.
verdunbishop said Jan 14, 2018 16:10:59

got to say I like it :D
TechnoGolem said Jan 20, 2018 02:14:46
Raiders. I'm seriously surprised they are not part of Wave 1. Other than that I'd like to see more creatures and traders and their caravans.
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