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The Star Trek Animated Series

posted Dec 22, 2017 22:38:52 by SPatrickRoss
Is the animated series considered cannon in the game?
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JimJohnson said Dec 23, 2017 05:16:24
You mean 'canon'.

While the animated series (TAS) is not officially canon, the STA license includes TAS, so you'll see occasional references to it here and there in STA products. (An Edosian has appeared in some promo art, for instance.)
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SPatrickRoss said Dec 25, 2017 21:35:42
So we might, or might not see the Kzin and the Aqua-Shuttle.
erikfilean said Dec 30, 2017 22:06:28
The Aquashuttle, maybe, but the Kzin may present some issues above and beyond this one license. Larry Niven could have something to say about it. I'm not sure what his role is in a Kzinti appearance in a latter-day ST product.
PicardX said Dec 31, 2017 01:53:19
Starfleet Command and Starfleet Command II renamed them due to licensing issues even though they are a part of the original Starfleet Battles game.
jonrcrew said Jan 03, 2018 10:34:58
My understanding was that TAS had been rehabilitated? Players can ignore the sillier elements...

I seem to remember Niven's agreement was to a very basic licence for SF Battles only... (it did not include computer games, hence the SFC exclusions). As I recall, SFB Kzin have diverged significantly from Niven's creations anyway. The Kzin certainly didn't show up in the FASA RPG, which did include Caitians and Edosians (both of which I'd very much like to see write-ups for).

The "Patriarchy" indicated on the NW segment of the maps was a nod to the Kzin, but doesn't help with an up-to-date name! I included a Kzinti in an ICON game I ran last year (prior to STA), but haven't statted them for this game yet. Maybe I should look into that!
david.jw.gibson said Jan 03, 2018 15:58:54
TAS is used as a source of ideas. Some more aliens and a few characters.

STO and the like go with Ferasan:
Based on the name of a World in Patriarchy space.

Coincidentally, I’m doing Caitians and Edosians this month on Continuing Mission.
DarthSarcastic said Jan 04, 2018 01:14:32
On page 37 of the Core Rule-book (the paragraph titled "Their own devices") they mention that "A prototype of our holodeck was installed aboard Captain Kirk's Enterprise late in her five-year mission..." I believe they are referring to the animated episode called "The Practical Joker". Also (I know we're talking about the animated series in this thread, but...) they refer to the Franz Joseph (Starfleet) Technical Manual in the paragraph about the Miranda Class...they mention the Ptolemy class transport.
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jonrcrew said Jan 04, 2018 10:05:23
@David: awesome - I shall watch for those!

@Steven: I spotted those - and there are a few other references too. It may be mentioned elsewhere, while the Ptolemy is not official canon, both the Hermes and the Federation have been seen in screen graphics and are therefore canon!
ChristopheTrumelet said Jan 15, 2018 15:50:46
@Steven, I think you're right. In a TAS episode, Uhura, McCoy and a third, I don't remember who, go to the "Recreation Room", basically an holodeck. A technology knew by the Federation since one century (as seen in a first season of Enterprise).

I will be happy to get a caitan specie template but I will be disappointed if I see the Force/Environment Belt.
PicardX said Jan 15, 2018 16:15:51
Sulu. They went with Sulu.
Patrick_Goodman said Jan 17, 2018 17:14:43
On page 37, that is _exactly_ what I was referring to.... ;)
TimKellogg said Apr 07, 2018 21:14:54
SPatrickRoss said Dec 25, 2017
So we might, or might not see the Kzin and the Aqua-Shuttle.

Why not invent a race similar to the Kzinti, or use them in your game? It is your game, so you can do whatever you like. Bowing to game balance, of course!
TimKellogg said Apr 07, 2018 21:18:14
PicardX said Dec 30, 2017
Starfleet Command and Starfleet Command II renamed them due to licensing issues even though they are a part of the original Starfleet Battles game.

From what I recall, Starfleet battles originally used the Franz Josef "license", although I am sure that changed after the legal battle flurried to a close.
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