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Let me tell you about my campaign, because i want to!

posted Dec 11, 2017 06:55:24 by quinchris
Hi all.

I have been running a fortnightly group through Savage Worlds: AC! for around 20 months so I thought I would share my experiences.

What's interesting about this campaign is we are running it in real time. I started running the game in February 2016 and set in February 1940. Each fortnight between sessions the time line of the war advances by two weeks. This means we experience the war as it unfolds. This also has the advantage if we need to know local weather conditions we can go to todays weather reports and substitute them for 1940.

To date our adventures have been as follows

Feb 1940 Altmark Incident – Allied Special agents assigned to raid a German merchant ship moored in a Norwegian fjord. Heroes discover a mysterious cargo.
April 1940 Invasion Norway. While in Onslow arranging to transport previously captured mysterious cargo to England Norway is invaded by Germans. Evades Germans and flees city, chased through countryside by Paratroopers and Mountain Troops. Battle Nazi Sorcerer and Halja.
May 1940 Netherlands – Assigned to Amsterdam to pick up a shipment of industrial diamonds. Unfortunately, the bank is closed for the week end. In the mean time the Germans invade. Heroes must stage a break in and steal the diamonds before the Germans arrive.
Simultaneously the heroes investigate a suspected German spy operating in Amsterdam. Track down spy to roof of Fort Eben-Email where he is summoning a Gas Spirit (WW1 Savage Worlds setting). Battle Spirit and German agent while German gliders are landing.
Pc’s flee through Ardennes Forrest being chased by a possessed SdKfz 222 while dodging the advancing German Army columns.
Survive Battle of Meuse and retreat to Dunkirk and “Heroes of the Sea”. A German sorceress (nicknamed The Fish-witch) is attempting to perform a ritual, (from a base hidden in the Dreamlands), which will cause the sea to rise and flood the evacuation beaches. Recover information suggesting a chateau in France is being used as a staging post for an assassination team in the Dreamlands (the Norn).
June 1940 Hunt Nazi werewolf who infiltrated with Dunkirk evacuation fleet. The werewolf is attempting to meet up with Irish sympathisers but the miss each other in the confusion after the evacuation from France.
July 1940 Operation Catapult – While preparing for a raid into Occupied France, the Agents are ordered to assist with seizing of French Fleet in Portsmouth. They are assigned to capture the cruiser/submarine Surcouf. They uncover many mysteries as to Surcouf’s actual purpose and mission.
Parachute into France to raid a chateau being used by Black Sun Dreamers (The Norn). Encounter the Fish-witch who had survived the earlier adventure. Every one is murdered by the agents but the Fish-witch escapes again. Discover links between Nazi’s and IRA including plans to raid a London museum but the exact target is not found.
August 1940 Against the background of Battle of Britain the agents must track down a IRA cell in Yorkshire. They uncover clues leading to an Irish poet who is also a sorcerer. While investigating him the agents must stop a boy who has read a mythos book (thus going insane), and is summoning creatures he cannot control.
Sept 1940 The agents deduce the Irish Sorcerer and the German agents (led by the Fish-witch) are after an artefact in the British Museum. A fight become a prolonged chase scene through inner London as if burns during the first night of the London Blitz
Track the Irish Poet and the Fish-witch to the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire. Climactic battle ensues. Fish-witch is finally killed.
Oct 1940 Chain Home - Agents investigate strange signals being intercepted by RDF stations who had unknowing tuned into the mind of an entombed monstrosity who then influenced radar operators. Fight with possessed operators and partial summoned monstrosity. Heroes manage to shut down station before monstrosity fully manifested.
Nov 1940 Coventry – investigate a string of mysterious deaths by burning. Discover a fire cult attempting to summon a Herald of Cthugha during Bombing of Coventry. PC’s hijacked a fireboat and used high pressure hoses to squirt waves of fire vampires.
Dec 1940 Egypt – assigned to Cairo the agents fight cultists of Sobek in a series of lost temples. Uncovers first part of Atlantean Mechanism from “Shadows of Atlantis.”
Operation Compass – engage in series of military raiding operations in support of British advance into Cyrenaica. Later discover German agents breaking into Cairo Museum - Used modified bits of “Shadows of Atlantis”.
Jan 1941 Operation Compass – raids with LRDG while chasing parts for Atlantean Mechanism. Battle Serpent Men in ruined temple in Sea of Sand.
Feb 1941 Gideon Force – A part of the Atlantean Mechanism is thought to be in Abyssinia. The agents are assigned to the Order Wingate expedition. Discover a pride of man eating lions who were possessed by entities summoned by insane witch doctor.
March 1941 Abyssinia - Raid a Night Wolf base in a Ethiopian church carved into the mountains. Recover Mechanism part.
April 1941 Greece – Agents assist Vatican agents in evacuating secret relics before Black Sun agents arrive. Obtain ancient book describing flaws in Mechanism but the important bits are written in Atlantean.
Discover Mi-go mining operations on Mount Olympus
May 1941 Greece – running fights with Germans during retreat. Evacuate from Greece after being picked up by Surcouf. Take part in navel battles surrounding Crete.
August 1941 North Africa – Allied agents are assigned to assist an MI6 agent seduce a high ranking German General in Tripoli while simultaneously rescuing an officer from Gestapo HQ captured in Crete (he has important knowledge of Enigma so it is kill or rescue).
Sept 1941 Tibet – Agents travel high into the Himalayan Mountains to steal the final piece of the Atlantean Mechanism from the Black Monastery. Saved a Tibetan holy man from sacrifice. An Atlantean survivor he translates the ancient Book recovered from Greece. Used modified bits of “Shadows of Atlantis”. The re-constructed device sheilds the United Kingdom from giant Cthulhu monsters.
Oct 1941 Vichy France – travel to Monaco to infiltrate an auction of Mythos texts and artefacts. Attempt to bankrupt Black Sun bidders by rigging a poker game.
Nov 1941 Raids on Crete – Acting on information received in Monaco the agents raid Knossos, Crete and discover Black Sun sorcerers summoning bull spirits into unwilling subjects on behalf of a mysterious patron.
Raid in Crimea - Acting on information received in Monaco the agents raid a facility near Sevastopol, Crimea and discover Nightwolf scientists developing a cyborg minotaur for a mysterious patron. Evidence suggests the mysterious patron is Japan and a number of Nazi sorcerers have travelled to the USA to present their findings.
USA – Track Nazi agents to Washington DC. Investigating against the background of the Peace Talks. Break into Japanese Embassy to discover Nazi’s intend a decapitation strike against US capital (in support of Japanese allies) using Minoan bull spirits from the Dreamlands. Plot foiled and information recovered showing the Japanese intend to do the same ritual in Manila against US forces there.
Dec 1941 Pearl Harbour – while on an urgent flight to the Philippine Islands the Allied agents change planes on Oahu. They spot one of the Nazi sorcerers deplaning from another flight. A prolonged chase scene results as they pursue the German agent all around Pearl Harbour while the Japanese attack. The chase included cars, motorbikes and boats (and even a trolley car) while avoiding bombs, strafing, and exploding and capsizing battleships. The chase climaxes at the mouth of Pearl Harbour as agent take on Cthylla, Daughter of Cthulhu using a commandeered US destroyer and a captured Japanese midge submarine.

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