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New GM/Player delighted with the game!

posted Dec 05, 2017 11:18:33 by Yskonyn
Hello everyone,

My name is Robin, in my late thirties and while I am new to the Conan RPG I am not at all new to the Conan universe; it's a true feast of recognitionto read the stories of so many of you having such similar roots into the world Howard created!
My first introduction to Conan was when I was in my pre-teens; I watched the first Conan movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who -after the movie Commando- became my all time favorite super hero. For me, Schwarzenegger has always been the physical manifestation of Conan and to this day I think Howard would agree. ;-) (Arnold's story of how he came to America and how his Conan role became to be is interestingly similar to Conan's 'career' itself, fate perhaps?)
His acting skills ignoring, there is no doubt the Conan I saw in that movie had a great impact on my early life and the way I looked at fantasy, sword and sorcery onwards.

Strangely, it wasn't until somewhere in my twenties that I began to seek out Howard's tales of Conan. I opened the can of worms of course, not realising that by this time you could find heated debates all over the place about which stories are 'canon' and which are not, why some stories had been heavily edited and where I could find the 'original' stories as Howards told them.
Now I began to see the legacy of the man who created my all time hero, but never saw the movie that had been so influential to me.
I began to read every story I could lay my hands on.

About the same time the computer game Age of Conan by FunCom got released and I jumped all in, ordering the expensive Collector's Edition which included an amazing Artbook.
The game's soundtrack, by Knut Haugen, is the absolute pinnacle of what I think fits for the setting. Its exotic tones, bombastic drums and sensitive chords capture all the wonder, savagery and beauty Howard's world deserves.
The game captured the world quite well in my opinion, but for some reason wasn't successful in keeping people playing. The game is still online, but has been put in maintenance mode by Funcom some time back unfortunately.

Now I am here; armed with a thick tome of adventuring knowledge in my hands! Exciting stories to be told and experienced in the world I am so fond of. Total bliss!
I hope to find many like-minded people here and would love to hear your stories!
Perhaps we can uncover insidious plots, slay other worldly monsters and wage war on the Hyborean fields together one day!
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SteveHanson said Dec 05, 2017 16:01:12
Thank you, we're glad you like it.
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rrcautela007 said Dec 07, 2017 15:29:18
Well met!

There are a couple of "fan-made" adventures nearby to help you gather info on the different takes of Hyboria as well.
Dislikes_Elves said Dec 07, 2017 21:12:32
Yeah, welcome! I remember how excited I was when I had the Core Rule Book in my hands.
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