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Hacking Device starting programs?

posted Dec 01, 2017 20:39:37 by ElementsWarden
Many careers give you a hacking device as starting equipment. Do they come with any basic programs? That would seem odd if a hacker spent 6 years and never acquired software but I cannot find anything that supports what it does or doesn't come with programs?
Thank you
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admiraljcjf said Feb 12, 2018 20:45:41
As far as I can see they don't come with programs.

But, remember that characters ARE supposed to also buy equipment before game start (even if the rules for doing that were missed from the game).

We simply ran one session of "buying time" with one "month" worth of time to purchase equipment before game start. This allowed everyone to pick up essentials, and highlighted the differences between the wealthy with anything and everything they wanted and the poor with only bare minimums.
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