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Questions on NPC attacks listed in the stat block

posted Nov 27, 2017 20:28:42 by Dislikes_Elves
Hello again!

Some questions on how NPC attack values in the stat block are to be used:

a) When an attack is listed under "Attacks", the values given for damage already include bonus damage from high brawn, awareness or personality, yes?

b) A specific question on Thumocris in the adventure "The Ghost of Thunder River" (JTotE), p. 78: Under attacks is listed "I Will Take Your Heart!" The stats and the name clearly indicate the spell use of "Dismember", p. 177 of the core rule book yet there is no direct indication that it is a spell. Under "Special Abilities", on the other hand, his spellcasting abilities are decribed. Now, when using this attack from the Attack stat block, is he supposed to fully follow the sorcery rules, with focusing and especially, having to roll an Epic (D5) sorcery test in order to succeed? Or are all attacks listed under the "Attacks" stat block the standard, go-to attacks that are handled like a normal attack that requires (under normal circumstances) just a single success?

As always, thanks in advance to any insight to this (preferably before sunday when my PCs will have to face Thumocris.
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rrcautela007 said Nov 28, 2017 16:31:36

I believe I Will Take Your Heart should follow all Sorcery rules; given T's enormous Sorcery Skill, this oughta not be a problem.

SteveHanson said Nov 28, 2017 17:36:33
a) Yes
b) Yes, he's supposed to make a Sorcery test to use that ability.
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Dislikes_Elves said Nov 29, 2017 21:03:54
Thanks to you both!
Dislikes_Elves said Dec 03, 2017 23:13:32
Ok, the PCs killed Thumocris in a single round before he could cast a spell, so I guess I'll never know if he would have made that D5 sorcery check :-(.
rrcautela007 said Dec 04, 2017 14:02:16
I say don't be too disappointed, many baddies get offed in moments by the Cimmerian.

Dislikes_Elves said Dec 05, 2017 17:56:37
Still, it would have been great to see how powerful sorcery is against a group of PCs. Some "Enslave" to get one PC attack another...
rrcautela007 said Dec 06, 2017 05:33:54
Next time remember to save doom to seize initiative! LOL
Dislikes_Elves said Dec 06, 2017 15:44:58
Ha, that wasn't the problem at all. I had almost 40 doom at the time when Thumocris was attacked. And I did spend doom to let him go first. The problem is [SPOILER], the adventure specifies that Thumocris tries to finish the ritual and only attacks when the ritual is interrupted. So I spent doom, killed and drained the first victim and then the PCs decided to gang up on him. And since he takes a wound for every five vigor as everyone else so he was quickly killed and my doom count down to 0 due to him trying to parry.
rrcautela007 said Dec 06, 2017 19:10:09
And he had no Minions (Banana! Sorry) at hand?
Dislikes_Elves said Dec 06, 2017 21:06:09
He had 6 toughened picts with him but they couldn't stop the PCs from attacking him. Two were archers on the roof, shooting into the sepulcher, another one was throwing knives from behind the melee lines and the three melee characters just took the retaliate actions against them when they changed their attack focus to the sorcerer. And 5 of the 6 PCs have very high TNs for their attacks so that 4 successes or more were common.
rrcautela007 said Dec 06, 2017 22:10:25
Mebbe you should start thinking about bumping the lethality of the opposition. And/or using doom for Reinforcements.

A suggestion.
Dislikes_Elves said Dec 06, 2017 23:02:34
Maybe. But I thought that Thumocris would be a challenge when combined with the 6 toughened picts. The problem was more that I was following the adventure to the letter and did not let Thumocris attack outright. He could have severly injured one or two PCs before they ganged up on him. But yeah, the PCs are quite powerful...the players are used to playing Min-Maxed D&D-characters.
EmmanuelFrancois said Dec 08, 2017 18:24:29
With 6 high-scoring PCs, I would have added some extra fodder picts - an 'average' encounter would be from 6 to 12 of them, so throwing 12 of them and a Nemesis sounds fair for a boss fight - or maybe some kindo of summoned damage sponge to act as straight bodyguard (with some an ability to take hits for it's master...)
Or maybe have a disciple wit thhe same kind of spells (if not as skilled) to give a bit more of a speed bump)
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rrcautela007 said Dec 08, 2017 23:26:31
You gotta remember the Maxim: published adventures rarely conform to your group's needs - they are there to be tweaked! - LOL.

[Last edited Dec 08, 2017 23:30:26]
Dislikes_Elves said Dec 09, 2017 00:16:43
Yeah,well: first time DM'ing since about 10 years and first time being confronted with the 2d20 system. I'm still learning and wanted to do it by the book. But I guess I'll have to toughen the opposition.
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