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Solo Playtest

posted Nov 26, 2017 15:22:54 by SteveHanson
From Chris Birch
Solo Play? Here’s a quick update I tried it this week and it’s one of the key final components I’m most fussy about since I grew up playing a lot of wargames Solo. We played an objective mission with me as Brotherhood of Steel vs Super Mutants who wanted to pick up an objective and take it off the table whilst I had to protect it.

The Super Mutants advanced - in some cases stopping short of corners so their fog of war tokens were not revealed to me by blindly stumbling in to the open. This left me guessing longer than I hoped. My T60 was on the same side as their Master and I laid in to him with the Gatling Laser (5 consecutive shots each success in a row reduces the armour by a point) and he stomped towards me with his powerful close combat hammer. At this point two super mutants raced for the objective and my two scribes and knight Patrol in combat armour had taken up position around the objective.

I focused fire on them taking one out but then two hounds appeared and charged on the knight patrol wounding one badly and keeping them occupied.

It looked like I was about to lose as the remaining super mutant would get away with the objective. My next turn I knew I had to use the t60 to take out the super mutant about to grab the objective even though I had the massive master bearing down on him. I took the risk and shot the super mutant and got lucky.

Now at this point I was pleased as the master seeing his remaining super mutant go down elected to go after the objective instead of smashing the T60 that was in charge range. With a few lucky shots we were able to take him down but overall this was a great simple test of the system and we’ll be explaining how it works in more detail soon.

Overall each unit has a corresponding AI card with a tailored set of potential results based on certain conditions and I was really happy to discover it could play any of the planned scenarios. What this means is that you can play the whole 20 missions in the starter box Solo. 5 of those are scripted solo missions to have a stronger flavour but now I think you’ll be just as happy with the rest.

Here’s a pic with some more of the production samples - not from the game but I will do a solo battle report very soon
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verdunbishop said Nov 26, 2017 16:41:41
Great to hear! One of the reasons I plan to get the game, already been writing out my own basic ideas for a BoS story :D
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