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posted Nov 23, 2017 22:29:58 by SonnyStjernström
After a long wait, I have now read and admired my Conan books.
Here's how I see at the different books! All the books has real great text, color, design, art and typography! Really top quality books.

Conan Core book:
The best RPG book that I have seen and especially for creating the character and I like the carousing rules. Ratings:5 star.

Conan the Player`s guide:
A classic player's book, lacks the experience list and I miss a simple summation about the different races (homeland). Ratings:3 star.

Conan the Barbarian:
A good book that has information about bard and berserk. Rating:4 star.

Conan The Thief:
Is my favorite book so far! Ratings:5 star.

Conan the Mercenary:
A top book and had become my favorite if it had better maps about the area and the cities. Ratings:5 star.

Book of Skelos:
Dirty magic book with so many lovely things, all I can complain about is the front art of the book. Rating:4 star.

Jeweled Thrones of the Earth:
Adventure book with so many good adventures, two of them are the best I've seen in a long time. Ratings:4 star.

Yeaaah... All the little things around, such as the gamemaster screen and tokens are so good for a conan atmosphere.
So I really think the company has delivered conan like no other company has previously done. The only thing they are a little bad at is keeping the schedule. But hello, it's worth waiting for these books :D :D :D !
What do you think about wave 1 and what favorite book do you have?
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rrcautela007 said Nov 24, 2017 01:07:58

Which adventures did you like best?

Do the splatbooks include adventures or seeds?

SonnyStjernström said Nov 25, 2017 09:53:50
Hi !
I like the adventures of Devils under the green star and the pact oc xiabalaba! The two adventures are by it self worth the book cost :)! But we have played Cave of dero and red pit that the players liked.

Barbar, thief and mercenary books I would like to say YES that they contain a lot of inspiration for different adventures seeds.
WesleyWConnally said Dec 16, 2017 20:01:34
Books are all great! Well, except Jeweled Thrones. It has many many mistakes in the adventures leaving the GM to have to ad lib or fill in holes on his own. And I've only GMed two adventures so far!
rrcautela007 said Dec 18, 2017 13:24:05
True true. Many easily-fixed mistakes - some scenarios seem like drafts. Where was the editor?

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