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Penalties for Harm suffered

posted Nov 22, 2017 21:48:35 by rrcautela007

I've been searching the RAW but 4 the life o me can't find the answer to this question:
What is the penalty for suffering Wounds? What about Trauma?

Thanks for your time
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abrahamlin27 said Nov 22, 2017 22:11:59
Pg 119, Stress and Harm: "Each Harm increases the Difficulty of all affected skill tests: each type of damage inflicting Harm affects different tests by one Difficulty step."

Harm being Wounds for physical and Trauma for mental.

Wounds affect Agility, Brawn, and Coordination.
Trauma affects Awareness, Intelligence, Personality, and Willpower.

rrcautela007 said Nov 22, 2017 22:43:22
So, X amount of Harm, = +X Difficulty?

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SonnyStjernström said Nov 23, 2017 21:09:52
Yes :) !
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