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Is there going to be a reference document comparing the various 2d20 games?

posted Nov 22, 2017 22:30:37 by abrahamlin27

I've been reading the Conan and Star Trek RPG's and I was wondering if there was something showing the differences between the games, even a fan made one?
Something like if you've played X, then here's what's different in Y?

A couple things I've come across so far:
- Focus isn't the same between the books.
- Conan has Reactions, Star Trek doesn't.
- Melee attacks in Star Trek can go both ways (the defender can hurt the attacker if he/she rolls high enough), whereas in Conan the attack is unsuccessful if the defender rolls higher.
- If someone has reach on you, you can't move away in Star Trek.
- There might be an argument for Fortune and Determination, but seeing as how they have different names and slightly different functionality, probably not.

I've also seen that Infinity's CD are a little different (5 and 6's are just Effect), and John Carter's 2d20 Lite will probably have things unique about it too.
With me wanting to run Conan and my friend wanting to run Star Trek, I'm worried we're going to blur the rules a bit.
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SteveHanson said Nov 24, 2017 00:31:13
No one official is working on that. If you would like to give it a try please do.
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