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The Capharnaum Kickstarter - Fantastic Arabian Nights Roleplaying in a world of deserts, dragons, and crusaders!

posted Nov 20, 2017 14:22:07 by SarahNewton

Hi everyone,

Last Friday Mindjammer Press launched our new CAPHARNAUM KICKSTARTER, a campaign to fund the English-language version of the spectacular Arabian Nights-style fantasy RPG. I wanted to post to ask for your support to help us fund the production of this gorgeous 400-page core rule book as our initial goal - everything you need to play - and then onwards to some great stretch goals for this action-packed and fascinating setting.

In Capharnaum, you'll find a fantasy Middle Sea surrounded by lands and empires reminiscent of mythical and historical ones of our own world, from ancient Agalanthia, like ancient Greece or Rome, through a Hispanic Aragon and its new Quarterian religion, the Shiradim of Capharnaum, and the Arabian-like Saabi. But the action starts in Jazirat, a peninsula like ancient Arabia, coveted by all the world's realms...

Your characters are above and outside the world's squabbles and conflicts. You play one of the Dragon-Marked, individuals from any nation or tribe, marked by the mystical dragons, servitors of the gods, for a mysterious destiny. You find yourself thrown together with people who might otherwise be your foes, working together to change the world... Will you heed the call to adventure?

I've loved Capharnaum ever since I first got the French edition core book by the good people of Studio Deadcrows, and I'm very chuffed to have the chance of finally bringing it to an English-language audience. Please come over to the Kickstarter page, check it out, and join us in exploring CAPHARNAUM - THE TALES OF THE DRAGON-MARKED. It's a truly great game, and really deserves to be out there in English. It's an original and thought-provoking setting, easy to get into, very accessible, but properly profound when you want to drill down. It's a great read as well as a great play. The core book is just a gorgeous thing in itself, and the supplements and massive campaign book are full of epic ancient-world-Arabian-Nights adventure!

Any questions, of course, please fire away! I hope you'll join us at! :)

All the best,

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