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Settlement ideas

posted Nov 15, 2017 12:18:22 by NukaBreak
What do people think will be needed for the settlement part of the game? I'm on about buildings, defences, food & water, generators & other bits and pieces.

Also, what would each faction's settlement look like?
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ToddFerrullo said Nov 16, 2017 04:25:00
I think that a Super Mutant settlement is likely to be filled with more debris and have items such as barricades, cages, spilled radioactive containers, skeletons and meat bags scattered around. A Survivor settlement can probably be the most varied and could looks like anything from a Vault to Sanctuary Hills houses. I think that a Brotherhood settlement is more likely to have a military compound type look to it with turrets, Military Grade Barricades, Power Armor Stations and maybe a Fusion Core Generator.
verdunbishop said Nov 26, 2017 16:52:37
I think they will be cards and we can choose to build them and buy other sets to build up a physical settlement.

I don't know, I think most will be rather limited. Settlements are from fO4 where there's not much difference but a flag for the human groups. Some Raiders would be like Super mutants with lots of gore and muck.
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