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John Carter RPG Kickstarter

posted Nov 15, 2017 22:31:46 by altobanor
We are in mid-November and I'm wondering if the Kickstarter is going to happen this year? Have money.... will travel... to Barsoom!
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SteveHanson said Nov 16, 2017 17:57:26
That’s still the plan but we want to ship the first wave of Infinity before we launch and its taken longer to get out the door than we hoped - we’re prepping all the assets and we may run the ks over Christmas through in to January if needed
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NinaBlain said Nov 16, 2017 22:09:29
waiting on the kickstarter is not a problem, However the lack of communication on JC is very worrisome. I know it's going to be a niche game but for those of us who want to invest our time and eventually our money. the silence we hear on these forums is deafening. You guys do so good on all of the other titles and you keep adding titles but we get nothing unless we drag it out of you it seems.
very disappointing
MarvBreig said Nov 26, 2017 01:22:39
Info on the kickstart in another thread, for those who have subscribed to this one.
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