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Rules Question Guard and Acrobatics

posted Nov 14, 2017 14:13:36 by TrainedMunkey
Scenario: Rogue armed with a Dagger against Broadsword and shield. Rogue leaps over opponent, she has necessary talents in acrobatics to reduce to do and sneak to make free action, she is then inside reach. Does she get the bonus d20 and exploit? If so she could be a Yoda and just flip around the battle getting inside guard and exploit every turn.
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SteveHanson said Nov 15, 2017 19:48:18
Scenario: Rogue armed with a Dagger against Broadsword and shield. If a character has all the necessary talents to do this to a guard he's probably gutted in round 1 anyway. So here's what to do, and how to mimic such a character fighting guards in a cinematic way. The second time the player goes to pull the move the Gm spends 1 doom to have a guard gain initiative. Guard holds action for the flip. (The GM doesn't have to say this at all. Its good form to do so but the GM should occasionally pull a surprise move.) and as the ninja (lets call it what it is) leaps the Guard pulls (Mechanically a grapple) a sacrifice throw aiming to land on the rogue or perhaps drops thier shield and plucks the ninja from the air in a choke hold. If this is the leader of a squad they've got an excellant chance of pulling this off and sometimes all a player needs to know is that there IS a counter to thier "supermove" before they start mixing things up a bit. ultimately thougth, if your ninja paid all thier talents to be able to do thier "supermove" thats the action they want to see. Use Guards so they can bring the awesome and show off thier abilities but use a Giant Constrictor, Ranged opponent or Horror from beyond time to actually challenge them.
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LucaCherstich said Nov 20, 2017 12:23:33
...which Acrobatics talents are we talking about?
As far as I can see her is the GM allowing the PC "creative use" of the Acrobatics skill. Never heard of a talent doing that.
schielhau said Jan 01, 2018 23:09:34
That sounds like "Nimble as a Cat", the Talent to reduce the Difficulty by 1 per rank (max 2 ranks) on any jumping movement - high or wide.

This Talent applied to the Exploit Action's Difficulty of D1 would reduce it to D0.
The dice roll would become unnecessary, but the player might want to roll anyway to generate Momentum.

This is absolutely supported by the Conan corerules regarding the Exploit Action:
"Gamemasters may allow characters to use skills other than Observation
to attempt an Exploit action, and the gamemaster may
modify the Difficulty to represent more or less vulnerable
targets. Stealth is the most likely skill to test, but Persuade
(representing a trick or deception) or ACROBATICS (representing some grand feat of agility)
are also viable options."
So using Acrobatics on this kind of Exploit is perfectly fine.

But the corerules go further:
"The gamemaster is encouraged to let players have fun with
this option. In situations where the skill test’s Difficulty is
Simple (D0), Exploit may be used as a FREE ACTION."
This is the case if the character trying this Exploit has the above mentioned Acrobatics Talent "Nimble as a Cat", which will reduce the Difficulty of D1 to D0, making it a Free Action, so no Momentum spends necessary for a Swift Attack or so.

The generated Momentum by rolling the D0 Acrobatics test anyway would be spent as following:
2 Momentum to break Guard, getting inside the Reach 2 weapons gives the dagger fighter +1d20 to attack the Guard.
And if there is any excess Momentum left:
1-3 Momentum for the actual attack roll for +1d20 to +3d20 on the test AND +1[CD] to +3[CD] on the damage roll (which will have Piercing 2 due to the Exploit Action anyway).

This is a great and very genre-fitting application of the Exploit Action.

I really like that the Conan 2d20 rules support such cinematic actions by the book.
TrainedMunkey said Jan 22, 2018 15:49:57
Unfortunately I didn't run Conan. :-( My group decided on Genesys. Conan is more up their alley however, they are combat heavy. So, this issue didn't come up. It was Nimble as a Cat Talent. Hopefully I can convince them to do Conan in the future so good GM advice @SteveHanson. I love this rule system, if only I could get a group to play it.
SteveHanson said Jan 22, 2018 16:11:43
Glad you like the system. Hope you get a chance to play it soon.
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To his friend a man
a friend shall prove,
To him and the friend of his friend;
But never a man
shall friendship make
With one of his foeman's friends.
jdtibbs said Apr 21, 2018 22:33:56
Just found these forums adn ran across this while looking for something totally unrelated. Unfortunately for your rogue, they must hit with an attack before they can spend momentum to break the npc's guard.

pg 118, break guard may only be used on an attack or defend reaction.
mayervi said May 07, 2018 05:09:48
Also, a Free Action can never include a skill test where dice are rolled (pg 113). So if you want to generate Momentum for the Exploit, it's no longer a Free Action (maybe it's a Minor action?). By the explanation above I suppose The Expoit rule overide the general Free Action rule.

Still I really don't understand how to use Break Guard on attack.
So event using a Free Exploit to gain momentum, to attack a Warrior armed with a Spear (reach 3) with a dagger (reach 1), you have a +2 difficulty to hit him. If you manage to generate 2 momentum, you can Break it's guard.
However, next round, the warrior could use a Minor action to Regain Guard (difficulty = reach of the dagger = 1)...
So the only way to profit from the Break Guard is to generate 4 momentum on the initial attack, use 2 to break guard and use the other 2 for a swift action !!! pretty much a never existing situation since the initial attack is at least D3 (if the target don't defend) and you need to generate 7 success on 5 dices... good luck!
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mayervi said May 07, 2018 05:26:51
I think the best(only) way to use Break guard is on defense.
When attacked by the spear warrior, use 2 momentum from your parry/acrobatic dodge to break guard.
On your turn, use a Free Exploit and kill the bastard (with a +2 bonus to attack (the difference in reach) since you are under his guard)....
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Aaron.C said May 13, 2018 02:21:34
This could work both for and against characters.
Defender has longer weapon than mellee guy. Or maybe he has really good parry, or even both!
Mellee guys’ archer friend ‘shoots’ the defender and uses 2 moentum to break the defenders guard.
Melee guy then attacks. No parry and possibly bonus die on the attack for having the shorter weapon.
mayervi said May 17, 2018 03:42:59
The teamwork idea could also be used with a Threaten attack or a Display (the fear of his adversary make him drop his guard...) as they are considered attack (mental).
So the Stygian priest of Set could use Sorcerous Might Display on the heroes, take 2 momentum to make the Halberd armed mercenary hero drop his guard, then his cultist minions attack him with their daggers (with +2 bonus dices to attack)... nice :-)
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