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Map Pack?

posted Nov 12, 2017 15:03:11 by Dislikes_Elves
So, any news on the announced map pack for the maps of "Jewels..." (especially The Seethers in Darkness and The Caves of the Dero)? My pledgemanager shows no addition.

Anyway, is there a way to know what has already been released and what is the newest version? I seldom get updates per email on this but when I check the pledgemanager, I sometimes find new versions or new books (like the GM screen).
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SonnyStjernström said Nov 23, 2017 22:34:33
Yes, more and better maps would raise the book!
So yes to map pack :D
rrcautela007 said Nov 24, 2017 01:05:32
The pdf includes a "map pack".
Dislikes_Elves said Nov 24, 2017 22:30:34
The problem is, the maps in the pdf are wrong. Unless there's a new version, hence my question.
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