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Balancing Fights

posted Nov 05, 2017 18:22:34 by Hyperior
Hi all,

Upcoming Saturday I will be running my first MC 3E session, but I'm having some issues balancing fights.

I am aware that the book advises to use a single Elite enemy for every player character for an average fight, 1.5x the number of players for a difficult fight & 2x the number of players for a very difficult fight (there are 5 players in my game). However, I'm having a hard time confirming whether certain Elite enemies can be used. Certain Elites (e.g. a Brass Apocalypt) seem to be a lot stronger than others (e.g. a Malignant). As such, I'm curious whether anyone has any tips on balancing fights.
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mattbell69 said Nov 13, 2017 13:03:03
Sometimes I've found that the abilities that the NPC's have can mean that they are tougher then they first appear. When I used four "Illian's Templar's" with their Stride ability for 2 DSP. I was able to really upset 6 above average players by keep moving about. Also buying more dice to make attack rolls meant they bought more for Dodge or Parry so I had move to keep using Stride. This became a tough fight!!!

This might not be much help but try and run with some gut feelings and see what works best. Once you've done some sessions you'll have a clearer picture in your head.
Hyperior said Nov 13, 2017 22:48:22
Ah, I see. Thanks, that does help :). Then I'll use your suggestion & try to just run some sessions to see what works.
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