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Star Trek - In the Beginning

posted Oct 10, 2017 01:36:21 by Kahadras
I've been mulling over what I want to do with a Star Trek campaign and I'm tempted to do my own take on the war between the Federation and the Klingons which is supposed to take place between the events of Enterprise and TOS. My idea is to look at the run up to the conflict and will have the party involved in these escalations. My first though was to have a solid, believable reason as to why each side would be looking for a fight.

For the Klingons the outcome of the Earth-Romulan War has shown them that Starfleet are capable of fighting an extended conflict against a capable enemy. On top of this Earth has also been responsible for the creation of the Federation which is seen by many in the Klingon High Council as a direct challenge to Klingon military supremacy in the Alpha quadrant. These fears would appear well founded as the Federation is going through a phase of rapid expansion which is bringing it's borders closer to those of the Klingon Empire.

With the Federation the reasons for war are a bit more difficult to come up with. The viewpoint of Admiral Marcus from Star Trek: Into Darkness is a good starting point. There are people in Starfleet Command who think that war with the Klingons is inevitable; it's just a case of where and when. This attitude has been past down to member of the command staff on Federation starships leading to more aggressive confrontations with Klingon vessels. This could be combined with a general bullish attitude from Starfleet. They've seen off the Romulans, they've got the combined technological might of half a dozen space faring races behind them, the next generation of Star Fleet ships are rolling off the production line, how tough can these Klingons be?

I'm thinking of a slow build up over the course of a few adventures to set the tone and try to show the attitudes of both sides; slowly moving from exploration to confrontation. I'm not sure if I want to go too much into the war but I think it would be interesting to have this building conflict in the background. If I was to look at the actual war I'm very much inspired by Prelude to Axanar and Babylon 5: In the Beginning. In the Beginning does an excellent job of depicting the arrogance and assurance of Earth Force that they can handle anything the Mimbari can throw at them. I'd really like a scene that echoes that with a Vulcan diplomat warning Star Fleet not to underestimate the Klingons. Moving into the war to introduce the idea that the Federation finds itself technologically behind the Klingons when it comes to warships and depict the struggle that Starfleet has trying to hold the line against the Klingon D5 Battlecruisers until the Federation can complete the Constitution class starship (this being lifted from Prelude).

Basically I'm looking for suggestions and ideas to build on. I'm thinking of using an Einstein class star ship, by the name as USS Lexington, as the party's vessel as it fits in with the timeline. I'm open to thoughts on reoccurring NPC characters that I can use as well. I'm considering an Starfleet Admiral Marcus analogue. An aggressive Starfleet captain who is going to demand the support of the party in opposing the Klingons. I'm also thinking about a Vulcan diplomat who's assigned to the ship in a bid to reduce tensions between the two sides.
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Kahadras said Oct 26, 2017 22:00:30
USS Lexington NCC 0509 - Einstein class scout

So I've been looking though some background and there doesn't appear to be a lot of information on the Einstein class which will provide flexibility when describing the time period which ST-ITB is set. The basic premise that I've laid down is that the Einstein class is slightly technologically out of date at the start of the Federation/Klingon conflict. She was originally designed as a replacement for the Hermes class scout and has served as a reliable scout/survey vessel for Star Fleet for the past decade or so. With the current concerns in Star Fleet command about the Klingon Empire however it's days appear numbered. There have been rumours circulating about a new class of heavy cruiser on the drawing boards that will effectively render the current crop of ship designs to the scrap heap.

The background for the USS Lexington is pretty straightforward. She's going to be introduced at the end of a year long mission where she's undergoing vital maintenance in space dock. The party are part of the new crew that are being rotated onboard which will provide an opportunity to highlight the fact that she's not considered to be a good assignment. This will be done through the indication that the previous command staff are moving on to 'bigger and better' things and could be re-enforced by the engineering team working on the refit. At this point in time she's going to be a quite well known vessel as her previous deep space mission set a new Star Fleet endurance record. Star Fleet Command has decided to pull the ship from deep space exploration in order to 'beef up' it's missions towards Klingon space. While they know the Lexington won't be much of a threat by itself they're also planning to deploy the Korolev, Newton, Mayflower and Armstrong to the region as well.

The party will therefore have a few ships that could potentially be reoccurring throughout the campaign. As it stands the Lexington is expected to be the eyes and ears of the fleet along with a couple of almost obsolete Hermes class vessels who have been charting worlds which are currently directly in the path of the expanding Klingon Empire. This scouting role can provide opportunities for more varied stories within the campaign while still keeping the players connected to the broader, ongoing storyline.
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