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Exchange bullets / Equipment

posted Oct 06, 2017 14:18:36 by MarcoPoliakhoff
Hello People !!

I apologize for my bad english : I have no problem to understand answers but I may have some difficulties to write, so please excuse my bad language because Im french.

I France, we just had the first book of Mutant Year Zero (thanks to the Sans Detour Compagny) and Im really excited in the preparation of my story (a lot of work, but the source book is helpful).

I have only one question for now : how to manage the trades : bullets/water/else to buy some artefacts to others (NPC) ?? There is no table in the source book.

If I have a player who wants to buy an artefacts from an NPC (or sell it) how to convert a bike in bullets ? Or a gun in food ???

Thanks a lot if there is something to help me.
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Fenhorn said Oct 07, 2017 11:57:15
To set a value on an artifact is tricky. The only thing to do is to compare it to items that already exists. A revolver is slightly better than a top notch scrap pistol and has a drum. A scrap pistol is worth 3-6, so I would give a revolver a value of 8 perhaps.

The value of an item is very subjective in a barter society. A motorcycle is not worth much to someone that doesn't have any fuel. A revolver is not worth much to someone that doesn't have any bullets.

I know that this perhaps doesn't help much. What I do when it comes to barter is that I "wing it". Sometimes I let the player get 10 when they sell a motorcycle, sometimes 5, sometimes another artefact. The way I see it, who knows, perhaps it was worth 10 that day, 5 another session.
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