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I made an Excel Starship Registy sheet

posted Oct 04, 2017 15:48:21 by StephenBirks
As per title I have been working on my own Starship Registry Sheet in Excel that would support homebrew materials. Version 1

Items in grey on the front sheet are available for user activity. All calculations should be handled by the sheet including available refits (by populating current year).

The back sheets can be filled with Homebrew stuff starting with the first available line after the highlight cells.

*EDIT* - I have converted this over to Google Sheets for greater accesibility

Thoughts, suggestions and critiques are all welcome.
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stefangreen said Oct 04, 2017 19:01:07
Really nice work! Still having a fiddle around but it looks really nice
Your weapon strength cells (N48/49, N52/53, N56/57 etc) need scaling down so they can fit two-digit weapon strengths

StephenBirks said Oct 04, 2017 19:49:57
Thanks for the feedback. I've changed the font size slightly so they should fit now.
TimKellogg said Apr 12, 2018 16:46:00
Has this been updated for Command Division book?
StephenBirks said Apr 12, 2018 18:48:01
It has been updated to include both Command Division and Beta Quadrant and can be found here: EXCEL Google Sheets

The latest sheet can always be found on the Resource Wiki

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