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Star Trek Discovery homebrew

posted Sep 26, 2017 18:16:06 by SteveHanson
Modiphius does not have licensing rights for Discovery, so please put your homebrew designs, ideas and rules for Discovery here...and nowhere else.
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To his friend a man
a friend shall prove,
To him and the friend of his friend;
But never a man
shall friendship make
With one of his foeman's friends.
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AllenShock said Oct 29, 2017 22:22:32
Kyle: well done. Very good information.
Kyle said Oct 29, 2017 23:32:15
Thanks, I appreciate your saying so.

Much of the information was derived from the 'Desperate Measures' novel, which goes into Saru's species and how his senses work a bit. So it's not strictly canon, but if the show ever contradicts any of the information there, I can always update it later.

I've actually started working on a blog specifically for Discovery homebrew. I'll share a link once I have enough content, and maybe put together a PDF at the end of the season.
AllenShock said Oct 30, 2017 04:13:50
That would be outstanding! Thank you!
BlakeTrebert said Oct 30, 2017 17:15:37
man I really like that Kelpian write up. Very straight forward and I can feel Saru's character working through it. You could do a lower difficulty on insight/reason + security to sense threats, but what you have is perfectly fine. I love the momentum boost.
"Risk! Risk is our business! That's what this starship is all about. That's why we're aboard her!"
Kyle said Oct 30, 2017 21:28:03
Thanks! I've really enjoyed Saru as a character, so it's gratifying to know I was able to capture at least some of his character in the attempt.
Kyle said Nov 04, 2017 21:19:25
EQUIPMENT: Holographic Targeting Helmet
(Opportunity 2)

A device only rarely seen aboard the bridge of Federation starships due to the specialised training required to properly operate, the holographic targeting helmet creates a virtual reality representation of the local space surrounding a vessel. The wearer can interact with this VR environment to monitor the theatre of operations.

The holographic targeting helmet consists of both the helmet itself, and haptic feedback sensors attached to the user's fingers, allowing them to control the VR display. The helmet can also enhance the wearer's voice, and has screens on the face to display critical information or alerts.

While wearing the holographic targeting helmet the user is limited to universal, Navigator, and Sensor Operations Tasks. The Difficulty of Navigator and Sensor Operations Tasks is reduced by 1 to a minimum of 0.

Putting on and removing the helmet requires a Minor Action.
BlakeTrebert said Nov 06, 2017 21:56:18
I'll take a stab at it. (no pun intended)

Equipment: Field Vest & jumpsuit
(opportunity 2)

designed for comfort, protection, and utility on away missions. the Starfleet issue vest gives resistance 1, ease of movement in the field (represented by a trait), and allows the attachment of a pack that may carry tools or survival gear.

putting on and removing the jumpsuit is a task with no check. the vest takes a minor action to put on or take off.
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Kyle said Nov 07, 2017 14:55:45
Apparently I'm not able to go back and edit the Kelpien build anymore, but obviously after the most recent episode, its trait should mention the relatively high strength and ability to truck at speeds of up to 80 kph.
alysespencer321 said Nov 16, 2017 11:20:05
Guys, I've been looking for Captain Kirk jacket exact match. Does anyone know the site offering it between 130-150$?
AllenShock said Nov 17, 2017 05:27:53
and this to do with homebrew stuff for Star Trek Discovery how?
david.jw.gibson said Dec 12, 2017 21:16:40
Continuing Mission is doing a "Discovery December":

The Walker-class is up there and my take on the Kelpien should be up in a day or two.
BlakeTrebert said Mar 15, 2018 19:37:32
Captain Gabriel Lorca

Traits: Terran
* Get Back to the Mirror Universe
* the Federation is a failed experiment
* I don't Have Time for a Ship Full of Wide Eyed Explorers
* Universal Law is for Lackeys, Context is for Kings

Attributes: Control 9, Daring 9, Fitness 9, Insight 10, Presence 11, Reason 8
Disciplines: Command 5, Conn 2, Engineering 2, Medicine 1, Science 2, Security 4

Stress: 13

Focus: Combat Maneuvers, Deception, Leadership, Phasers, Strategy/Tactics, Weapon Collecting

* Call Out Targets: Upon assisting a character with an attack (using either assist or direct or some other means), the helped character generates one bonus momentum which must be immediately spent and cannot be added to the group pool.
* Decisive Leadership: When a character performs an assist task, the cost to keep the initiative is zero.
* Spirit of Discovery: spend one Determination to add three points to the group momentum pool. Normal conditions for Determination apply.
* Veteran: whenever Determination is spent, roll a challenge die. If an effect is rolled, immediately regain that point of Determination.

Role/Position: Commanding Officer

Phaser: 7d (charges)
Unarmed: 5d (knockdown, nonlethal)
"Risk! Risk is our business! That's what this starship is all about. That's why we're aboard her!"
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