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Combat Question

posted Sep 23, 2017 19:52:41 by Meynolt
I watched the Gencon demo, a couple different videos actually. I was curious, are there rules in place for elevation? Such as if a mini is firing from the top of the Red Rocket, is there a bonus for being higher?
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SteveHanson said Sep 25, 2017 17:44:12
They're testing such a rule right now.
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Robin said Sep 26, 2017 13:39:09
In my opinion it would be great if the rules would be scaleable. The starterrules don't have to have these kind of details, to ensure that people who have no experience with wargaming(videogamers) find it easy to learn the game, but that experianced players have to possibility to add this extra layer of complexity.
Jordan.Peacock said Sep 26, 2017 18:08:55
@Robin: One way to do that might be to bundle together rules that are "terrain-dependent" or "scenario-dependent" in a later section of the rules. For instance, if the typical battle is assumed to be taking place on essentially a two-dimensional surface with barriers that can be fought around but not necessarily climbed over, then there's no need to include elevation changes as a consideration in the core rules.

(Possible exception: If you were to have a table of "sample modifiers to the attack roll" or "sample modifiers to the defense roll" -- or whatever -- then it might be appropriate to list an attack or defense bonus/penalty regarding "high ground." In such a format, you might as well collect the modifiers in one place.)

Then, you could just have a section of the book devoted to particular types of terrain that might be used in scenarios, and the rules that would relate to them. E.g.:

* Elevation. (Climbing, advantages gained by being at higher elevation, falling damage if an explosion or a super sledge knocks you off a high precipice, or if someone DESTROYS what you're standing on, etc.)

* Woods. (Yeah, sure, this is post-apocalyptic, but even a tangle of dead trees is going to hinder line of sight once you get in far enough.)

* Water. (The good news? You can gain cover. The bad news? It's slow to move through, it doesn't make guns happy, and the rads are likely to be a problem, too.)

And so on. There's no need to front-load with all these particulars, because someone's particular layout might never use trees or bodies of water, or have terrain that people are meant to stand on top of (especially if someone plans on just having a series of "Vault battles").
Robin said Sep 26, 2017 18:30:30
That would be a good way to achieve it, reminds me of how Walking Dead from Mantic did it.
Don't get me wrong, I really like complex Games, but at the moment it seems like that the easier a game is, the more successful it gets (FFG...). And just this allows me to play my beloved complex Games for a long time :)
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