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Combat Engineer and Demolitionist

posted Aug 22, 2017 12:19:18 by
What is the difference between the two skills? They seem to me to cover nearly the same thing. Is the same problem I had with Electrical Repair skill and the Electronics skill on the CoC 6th edition rule book.
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avatar said Aug 23, 2017 23:51:33

Electrical Repair and Electronic Repair are very different areas of expertise.

Combat Engineering at its most dangerous is primarily building critical structures in extremely short periods of time in hostile terrain under battle conditions.

Demolition is the art of using explosives to disable, destroy or incapacitate structures in hostile terrain under battle conditions.

Different skills. A Demolition Expert may be able to destroy a bridge, but probably couldn't build one.
avatar said Aug 24, 2017 00:31:45
Under combat engineer it says you can use it to defuse anset explosives, which is what demolitionist does. Or did I read it wrong?
avatar said Aug 24, 2017 01:02:06
degrees of ability.

An EMT is highly trained in emergency medical response and can perform procedures. But they are not trama surgeons.

An infantry man can hamdle explosives, but they are not demolition experts.

Yes, Combat Engineer can try to defuse explosives. But he will not be as good at it as a demolition expert. He also would probably miss a deliberate traps.

I need to read specifics to reply in greater detail. But using a similair skill is not the same as the specific skill.
CraigRansom said Oct 11, 2017 21:30:20
FYI, the US Army Combat Engineer is called a "Sapper" in the British Army.
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