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Players commanding animals

posted Aug 16, 2017 11:59:16 by ChristofferLundberg
I've had a question from a player about commanding animals. He wants to make a Capitolian K-9 Handler. What are the rules for commanding an animal? I am guessing that giving commands is a standard action. It requires no roll (as indicated in the Animal Handling skill text).

If the player commands the animal to attack, it will run towards its target and try to grapple it (throat or arm lock).

I am curious if anyone else have had animals in their games.
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Marc_Langworthy said Aug 21, 2017 16:33:11
Hey Christoffer!

There are some rules expansions on Animal Handling in the Bauhaus and Dark Eden sourcebooks. I didn't write the rules for Bauhaus, but Dark Eden made me ponder mounts and how to use them for attack in combat. Assume that commanding an animal is a Restricted Action, although you might want to go in a little deeper than that; if the action is something the animal is trained for, keep it as a Restricted Action, otherwise it's a Standard Action.

Whether or not a roll is required would depend on the situation. Leaving a dog to guard something likely wouldn't, though a fear-inducing Nepharite arriving might cause the dog to flee still. That same dog being asked to attack the Nepharite would most likely require a roll - at a higher difficult and as a Standard Action if the dog isn't trained to attack.

All just advice of course, the object is to keep it simple and smooth!


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