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Manipulate/Dominate other players

posted Aug 15, 2017 13:24:59 by
I seem to recall that there is a rule that - when another players uses Manipulate/Dominate on you - that you can choose to take Stress Trauma instead, but I can't find the rule. Am I just imagining it, or is it part of the errata?

And how does it work with the Enforcer's ability? Can you choose to take Trauma as well when it's used on you?
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Fenhorn said Aug 15, 2017 15:47:07
I do remember that. I think they changed it from 1st to 2nd edition. The Swedish rulebook only states that NPCs can manipulate another player but you follow the same rules (although the other way around, technically), there are no exceptions anymore.

Although. I saw that in the Swedish Genlab Alpha book, a player have the opt to take an extra point of doubt instead of being dominated. I guess, since this is the first expansion and the new editions (with some more updated rules) came out after this, that this is just a rest of the 1st edition. Maybe the English Genlab Alpha also uses the more updated social conflict rules (it was printed a year after the second one). Anyone with the English MGA book can tell us about that.
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