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Questions concerning the third and forth career phases.

posted Aug 12, 2017 18:11:59 by DrewTaylor
Hey all, I have some questions concerning the lifepaths that I just cannot find a concrete answer to. I posted this on the Modiphius Google+ page as well, but I figured I would post here just in case.

1. When making a character, what does it cost to take a iconic career as your third or forth career? The core book gives me the amount for other primary careers, but I cannot find the cost for the iconic careers.

I saw someone say that you choose a primary career to take if you fail, and that is the cost of taking a iconic career as the third or forth career phase, but the book says "If you fail the skill test, you may repeat your previous Primary Career as long as this would not take you beyond your fourth career phase.". Does this mean that the cost in LP for taking a iconic career in the third of forth career phase is equal to what it would cost to repeat the primary career you did before the iconic one?

2. Can someone take a Unemployed/Unemployed equivalent career a third time, just not gaining life points? I only ask because it says "You can choose to be Unemployed for up to two Primary Careers and regain one Life point each time."

3. When taking the Disciple (or other Unemployed) primary career, if the character has the Mystic talent already, could they use the talent from that career to buy and Art talent? I think I read something to that affect on the forums, but I figured I would ask here.

4. When buying a third career phase, you pay 1 LP for careers in columns A or B, and 2 for careers in columns C or D, but do you then have to pay the roll or choose costs on top of that? So if I want to choose for my third career phase to be a Academic, would I need to pay 4 LP? And what about repeating? If I already took Academic would I need to pay that much, or just the 2 LP for a career from column C? And with Unemployed, would it only be 1 LP to take that as a third/forth career phase, since it is from column A, or would I also have to pay 1 extra LP to choose it?
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BillMorton said Aug 15, 2017 18:01:57
Answer for question #1, also explained on page 57 of the core rule book. Not sure where in the Player's Guide.

- Because it's the 3rd career, it'll cost one LP, period, be it a primary or iconic career. Same goes for the 4th career phase.

- Iconic Careers do not have a "cost" to enter a career. It's a roll of the dice but you can improve your chances at a successful roll by reducing the difficulty of the roll by 1 per LP spent.

-To determine the difficulty refer to the listing of the difficulty in the Iconic Career description. If you wish to reduce this number, you must spend 1 LP to reduce this number by one, down to zero. EX. 1 LP will need to be spent to reduce a Mortificator's Difficulty from 2 to 1, another LP to reduce it from 1 to 0. If reduced to zero, no dice roll is required, you've entered the career.

- You must choose to reduce the difficulty before you roll the dice.

-To determine what you need to roll, look at the Mandatory Skills listed for the Iconic Career. Determine which skill is currently you best among those skills and roll 2d20. You'll need a number of successes equal to or less than your Difficulty value. If you succeed, then you made it into the Iconic Career. If you failed you fall back on your previous career.

-If the above scenario was for you 3rd career, you can have the same Iconic Career in the 4th phase only if you have a LP to spend, simply for being the 4th career phase. If not, you are done with the career phase.

DrewTaylor said Aug 16, 2017 11:55:48
Thanks for your reply.

I understand how the difficulty roll works with Iconic Careers, but the third/forth Career phases doesn't always cost 1 LP, the cost varies based on career, as stated in p.50 of the core book:
"You can choose to stay in and repeat a career or select a new career as a third or fourth phase. To do so, simply pay one Life point for careers in Column A and B of the Primary Career Table, or two Life points for careers in Column C or D"

On p.57 it says when talking about the test to enter the Iconic Career:
"If you fail the skill test, you may repeat your previous Primary Career as long as this would not take you beyond your fourth career phase."
The way I'm reading this is that the cost is equal to the previous Career, so if it was a Column A Career it would be 1 LP, but if it was a Column C Career it would be 2 LPs.

I don't see anywhere were it says that the third Career always costs 1 LP, or anything about the LP cost of taking Iconic Careers as the third/forth Career. If I'm missing something please point me in the right direction, 'cause this is drivin' me bonkers.
BloodAxeKommando said Aug 17, 2017 23:16:43
1Before you attempt to enter an Iconic Career, you have to pick a Primary Career which you have to take in case you miss the entrance roll. If you pick a Table A or B Career first, the third or fourth phase costs 1 point, if it's a Table C or D career, it costs 2 points.

Btw, you can't repeat an iconic career. Any following third or fourth phase is again in a basic carrer. Source(7th post)

2. I think this sentence means that this sentence is misleading and that you can take unemployed a third or fourth time, but withot the extra Life Point.

3 In my opinion, you can take Art talents when unemployed. The Disciple spends his time with further studies, Bauhaus characters who can learn the Art by taking specific careers can't take the normal unemployed career and all other Charakters who are not in the Brotherhood have usually learned it from some illegal organization which means they have to learn their spells from some underground teacher anyway.

Marc_Langworthy said Aug 21, 2017 18:31:30
Hey there!

Just wanted to try and decipher this:

1. There is no cost to select an Iconic Career, it's a difficulty roll (spend Life points to reduce the difficulty though). Note that you must complete at least one Primary Career before selecing an Iconic (assume that this is its cost). Assume that failing the skill roll and continuing in the previous primary career costs the quouted Life points, less any Life points paid for the Iconic Career roll.

There are differences between extending a career and choosing additional career phases. Extending a career provides a bonus Career Event Roll (plus 1d6+1 years, but nothing else) at no cost, whereas additional career phases provide their benefits again but have a Life point cost.

There is nothing official on the cost of third and fourth phase Iconic Careers, but here's what I'd suggest: Characters in Iconic Careers risk burning out in these high-profile roles. Repeating an Iconic Career in the third or fourth career phase requires a repeat of the skill role required to enter the Iconic Career (Life points may again be spent to lower the difficulty). Failing this role means that the character returns to the Primary Career that they held prior to taking up the Iconic Career (at the Life point cost quoted above).

2. Yup, it says so on p. 50 under Step One: If you choose unemployment as a third or fourth Primary Career, it does not regain a Life point.

3. Indeed. It's essentially a 'free' talent not tied to any skill; spend it where you like.

4. Third and fourth career phases have a cost, you can't roll. Pay the Life points to choose the career from the chosen column, or don't and begin play. Only pay the cost once, i.e. Academic would cost you two Life points. To repeat that career, pay a Life point cost equal to that stated for the column the career is in, i.e. two Life points for Academic. Choosing Unemployed as a third or fourth career phase will cost a Life point (consider it the necessary cost of keeping the character alive on the streets).

Hope that answers everything!


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DrewTaylor said Aug 22, 2017 14:35:33
Thanks for the answers. I always knew there was no cost to take an iconic career in the earlier career phases, but I was unsure if it had a phase 3/4 cost.

I was wondering this because mechanically speaking in most situations it would be better to take 2 primary career phases first and then the iconic career phase, which costs nothing if you succeed at the difficulty roll.
For example: taking Disciple, Disciple, Mystic, lets you get a better chance of succeeding at the difficulty roll, while also costing nothing for a third career phase should you succeed.

This is taken even further if you do Disciple, Disciple, Mystic, Disciple, which would let you start with a 5/5 Mystic skill and 6 talents towards a mystic tree, allowing you to start play with Dominus spells. This is a specialized build, but it does allow for very high-powered abilities to be brought to use immediately out of character creation, and that is before you factor in how cheap further mystic talents will be.

So if I understand correctly the player doing this would have a net gain of 1 life point if they didn't reduce the difficulty of the mystic roll.

Thanks again for all the answers, this clears up everything I was confused about.
Marc_Langworthy said Aug 22, 2017 14:57:06
No Problem!

That is a very specialised build that allows for few other talents, but technically yes. Mystics are masters of the Art who beneift from being able to branch into many Aspects, so I don't see a problem with one being a specialist within one particular field from the outset. Bear in mind also that some unlucky aging rolls could see the player losing some attribute points.

It would indeed be a net gain of one Life point.
Writer for Modiphius. Line Manager for Mutant Chronicles.
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