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True Scale?

posted Aug 10, 2017 05:36:50 by DCP
My Friends and i have been talking and about the games lately and the subject of True scale in game models in particular how the Fallout 3 and 4 vertibird being a smaller in game model then it actually is when you compare it in the lore or in Fallout 2 (which was a static image so it could be bigger and not take up as much space) and this got me wondering how the TTG will cover the idea of True scale are we going to see each model try and match the size of their lore counterparts or will it be more a same size system like what Games workshop does with it units like Space Marines and Imperial Guardsmen being around the same size even though lore says Space Marines would tower over them.

if there is an article or something I've missed on this a quick link is much appreciated
just someone who want's the best but always expects the worst
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